Evaluating Curriculum World View, Home-School Basics

Evaluate Curriculum from a Christian World View

Christian parents who understand the great influence of all education on their children will evaluate curriculum from a biblical Christian world view.

The facts, truths, and principles revealed in God’s Word should form the basis for each course of study.

The practical uses and applications of acquired knowledge are also unique for Christians.

Emphasize concepts like these:


Mathematics reveals the consistency and beauty of God’s truth. It is used in measurements of fair trade, in scientific studies, and for producing all that is necessary or helpful to mankind.


Accurate reading, writing, speaking, and understanding of language is essential for communication. Through language we hear and proclaim God’s Word, we teach and learn from others, we do business with each other, and we maintain godly relationships.


God’s standards for all we take in and hold in our minds include truth, beauty, and purity.


God created everything in six days about six thousand years ago, and there was a catastrophic worldwide flood in Noah’s time. These facts guide our understanding of what we see in nature. Our use of science must also respect the sanctity of human life and reflect good stewardship of God’s gifts as well as compassion toward His creatures. (Back Issues: Mar./Apr. ’94; July/Aug. ’97; May/June ’99)


The Bible gives us the framework for all of history, from the very beginning until the prophesied end of the world. God expects us to learn practical and spiritual lessons from the study of past events as well as see His hand in the affairs of man. (Back Issues: Aug./Sept. ’93; Jan./Feb. ’97; Upcoming: May/June ’01)

Geography and Social Studies.

The Bible tells us we are all sinners who came from Adam through Noah, that God loves us all, and that we as Christians are His ambassadors of the gospel to the whole world. Our knowledge and understanding of peoples is based on these facts and is useful for that purpose.

(Back Issues: May/June ’94; Nov./Dec. ’97)