Building Blocks of Character

by Rhonda Brunea
       Our family developed a simple method for teaching and correction using Lego blocks. Each child begins the day by creating his own building made of Legos. They each get a set number of blocks.
       The concept is simple enough for a 3-year-old and fun for up to age 9 or 10. Helpful, kind, obedient behavior earns another block. Surliness, disobedience, or unkindness loses one for each offense. (We try to pay as much attention to the good behavior as the bad!)
       Each child should end the day with more blocks than he began with, the more the better. If he ends up with fewer, he loses some privilege or treat until the end of the next day. If he has gained blocks, he is congratulated and sometimes rewarded. Each child encourages the others to choose godly behavior.
       We use this game periodically when a child is having trouble "remembering" positive behavior or conquering a bad habit. It serves as a visible reminder that he can either build up or tear down his own character as well as the family. The consequences of his behavior fall on him, training him to think before he acts.

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