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Individual Home-School Styles Fit Different Families
JulieBeth L., California

Commitment to God Brings Family His Love and Hope
Patricia D., California

Sixteen Years of Encouragement Contributes To Success
Marj D., Rhode Island

Mother Gets Surge of Power from Grandma's Letter
Louise L., Saskatchewan, Canada

Apprehension Disappears as God Changes Hearts
Mindy W., Idaho

Our Relatives Still Don't Get It
Name Withheld

Family Joyfully Accepts Responsibility for Teaching Children
Wendy A., Virginia

Two Mothers Share the Same Problem, Solution, and Name
Cheryl B., New York

Family Together Through Son's Cancer Treatments
Dadra S., Florida

Children Respond to Challenge of Sibling Influence
Scott O., Iowa

Family Tries Christian, Public Schools; Now Home
JuJuan F., Georgia

Issue on Family Relationships Gives Welcome Guidance
Karen B., Virginia

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Constructing a House Builds Characterand Skills
Cynthia E., Arizona

Encouragement Overrides Criticism
Mitzi Y., Kentucky

Missionaries Gain Confidence, Then Approval
Nancy H., Chile

Encouragement Is Only as Far as the Next Room
Sandra B., Georgia

Time To Slow Down and Be Together
Gail B., New Hampshire

Focus Refined During Five Years of Learning and Teaching
Luella B., Maryland

A Priceless Experience
Pam J., Nevada

Home School Is an Improvement Over School Involvement
Kelli A., Oregon

Family Closeness Grows Through Crises
Debbie S., Texas

Putting God First Resolves Attitude Problems
Eric & Sheila S., Hawaii

Grandma's Presence Blesses Family
Elaine L., Georgia

Missionary Children Learn in Context of Life
Melody M., Massachusettsr

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