Position Papers on Life Issues

by Kim Ooms
       As your child enters high school, you realize that you have only a few short years to make sure your child is ready to enter “the world.” Our preparation should include far more than academics. It's always refreshing to find one task that accomplishes more than a single goal.
       We are attempting to do that by combining our English Composition and Essay course with an exploration in Real Life Issues. We are using a composition textbook that gives step-by-step instructions for developing each of the four types of essays (narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository).
       We chose several areas: Respect for Life (abortion, euthanasia, suicide); Dating/Courtship; Marriage and Divorce; Sex; and Drugs and Alcohol. For each unit, the student will do research, conduct interviews, and write several different types of essays stating his findings and his personal convictions.
       Have your student carefully consider all aspects of these topics and put his convictions in writing in a well-organized, documented essay. This will help him stay true to his beliefs and values even when faced with temptation, opposition, or false teaching.
       The study will be enhanced if the parent writes out a few specific questions to be pondered in each unit.
       Wrap it up by having your student share a summary essay stating his standards, convictions, and goals with a group of family or friends.

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