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  What educational materials are available?
Fine Christian educational materials developed for Christian schools are available to home educators. New materials have also been developed or adapted especially for home teaching. These materials may be obtained in the following three basic ways:

  • You may order texts and teaching aids directly from the publishers or through mail-order companies. Each issue of The Teaching Home presents more than 70 suppliers of quality teaching materials.

  • A home-extension program offered through a local Christian school or church can provide teaching materials, testing, and counseling.

  • Materials, testing, and guidance can also be obtained through Christian correspondence courses.

    Home educators can choose or combine elements of the following approaches.

    Traditional Textbooks. High-quality textbooks are available from Christian publishers. These cover each subject in depth and in a logical order of topics.

    Worktexts. Some publishers have combined textbook information with exercises in consumable write-in books.

    Classical Approach. Children progress from memorization of facts and development of learning skills to advanced logical reasoning and expressive use of language to discuss their knowledge and beliefs.

    Principle Approach. Teachers and students keep notebooks for each subject containing biblical perspectives and principles, personal applications, and information acquired from various sources.

    Unit Studies. Theme-centered units integrate information from several subjects. Language arts and math need additional systematic teaching.

    Books & Life Experiences. Other than basic teaching in the three Rs, much learning comes through reading good literature and nonfiction. Normal everyday activities supplement study and give it perspective.

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