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  Is home schooling legal in every state?
Each state sets its own laws governing home education. Meeting the requirements of these laws may be as simple as informing the school district of your intent to home school and having your children tested or as complex as fulfilling requirements to be a private school.

Legislation is continually being proposed and considered in many states. It is important for you to work with your state and local Christian home-school organizations to aid the passage of favorable bills.

Constitutional rights to liberty and privacy under the Fourteenth Amendment and the free exercise of religion under the First Amendment guarantee parents the right to educate their children according to their convictions. However, lower courts have ruled inconsistently in applying these rights to home schooling.

We encourage you to comply with the law as far as your conscience will allow and then seek an acceptable alternative only if necessary.

It is important to obtain a copy of your state's law pertaining to home education. Many problems can be avoided by being accurately informed and by using tact and respect in dealing with school authorities.

For legal defense and assistance, contact Home School Legal Defense Association, Box 3000, Purcellville VA 20134, (540) 338-5600, To qualify for membership, apply before you are contacted by any authorities regarding school attendance laws. HSLDA offers a free summary of your state's home-school law.

HSLDA advises members of their rights, deals with school officials, and advocates the right of parents to teach their children at home in the courts, in congress, in state legislatures, and in the media.

Michael P. Farris, founder and president of HSLDA, says, “One of my life goals is to give every parent who wants to home school the necessary confidence to start and continue home schooling.”

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