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     Cindy Short and Sue Welch, editors

Photo by Susanna Short

Table of Contents
1.  Countdown to the Presidential Election
2.  Enjoy the Fall Season
     Get Outside with Your Family
     Decorate with Nature's Colors
3.  Protect Your Family with a Smoke Alarm
4.  What To Do About Halloween
     Use To Teach Truth
     Responses: Alternatives and Tract Evangelism
     Unit Study on the Protestant Reformation
     Reform for Today
5.  Mount St. Helens
Recommended Resources
     Christian Liberty Academy School System
     At Home Wellness
     Moonjar Moneyboxes
     Speedy Spanish
     Pattern Central
     The Teaching Home Back Issues
Sunnyside Up: Humorous Anecdote


     Timely issues pertinent to the season fill this newsletter --
issues that encompass political action, education, the care of
your family, and the enjoyment of God's creation.

     For the beauty of the earth
          For the glory of the skies,
     For the love which from our birth
          Over and around us lies.

     For the joy of human love,
          Brother, sister, parent, child,
     Friends on earth and friends above,
          For all gentle thoughts and mild.

     Lord of all, to Thee we raise,
          This our hymn of grateful praise.

     May the Lord bless your family for His glory!

Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian Welch
The Teaching Home is a 24-year-old, home-school family business.

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Countdown to the Presidential Election
     Only two weeks remain until the election!  The outcome will
impact critical issues that will affect us, our children, and our

     "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails
much" (James 5:16).
     1.  Pray for the election of a President who will honor and
follow the Lord and lead this nation in His way.
     2.  Pray that Christians will vote according to the Lord's will.
     3.  Pray that the election will be fair and free of fraud.

Getting Out the Christian Vote
     We have a responsibility in choosing our leaders, yet millions
of Christians did not vote in the 2000 presidential election.
     "Select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of
truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these
over them as leaders" (Exodus 18:21).

Help Others To Be Informed and Encourage them To Vote
     1.  Voter Registration is closed in all but eight states
(Calif., Kan., S.D., Conn., Ala., Iowa, N.H., and Vt.).  If you
live in one of those states, encourage others to register.
     2.  Distribute Christian voting guides showing where the
candidates stand on key moral and social issues.
     3.  Call or visit a campaign headquarters and see what jobs
are available to do, such as distributing campaign literature and
yard signs or making phone calls.

Vote Early or by Absentee Ballot
     By availing yourself of either of these two options you can
avoid the possibility that something could prevent you from
voting on Nov. 2.
     See the Federal Voting Assistance Program website and click
on links to State Election Sites (in first paragraph) to see the
rules for your state (e.g., you have until Oct. 26 to request
absentee voting ballots in Calif.)  About half the states allow
early voting in the weeks before the election.

Rely on Biblical Values in Voting
     Find out the stated positions and actual voting records of
candidates and vote for those who will:
     1.  Appoint Supreme Court judges who will follow the
original intent of the Constitution.
     2.  Defend our nation by stopping terrorists.
     3.  Protect the lives of unborn children being destroyed by
abortion and embryonic stem cell research.
     4.  Defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
     5.  Allow our natural resources to be developed and used
     6.  Preserve free enterprise and counter socialistic
     See details in an open letter by Focus on the Family at
     See candidates' positions on some of these issues at
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Protect Your Children
from Harmful
Household Products!
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home today that are safe, non-toxic,
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Malynda Lucy

Enjoy the Fall Season
     Fall is a great time of year to enjoy the harvests, colorful
changes, and wonders of God's world.
     The world is preoccupied with themes of ghosts, witches,
death, fear, and horror at this time.  But we can turn our minds
to appreciating the bounty of the harvest God provides and the
beauty of Autumn in His creation.

Get Outside with Your Family
     Schedule a regular daily walk together in your neighborhood
or a nearby area of nature once a week.  As you establish and
maintain this habit, you will realize many benefits as well as
experiencing pure enjoyment.
     A half-hour walk every day is ideal for most people.  Other
alternatives are to walk at least three times a week, for a
longer or shorter time, or (as we have to do in rainy Oregon)
whenever the weather is good enough.

1.  Health Benefits
 *  Brisk walking is an excellent exercise for healthy bodies.
     Try to walk a mile in 15-20 minutes.  However, you will still
     realize a benefit if you need to push a stroller along with you
     at a slower rate.
     For more information, read about benefits and guidelines for
walking in "Walking for Exercise and Pleasure" by The President's
Council on Physical Fitness and Sports at
*  Exercise reduces stress, and that can be a tremendous benefit
     to home educators and their families!
 *  Notice your children's posture and encourage them to stand
     and walk tall.  You might need to have your child checked if
     he has an extreme stoop or looks lopsided.
     Read about  Scoliosis at
 *  Also teach your children to breathe deeply as they walk.
 *  As the days get shorter, it is very beneficial to be in
     daylight and get some sun on your face.  This helps vitamin D
     production, can prevent depression, and aids in sleep.

2.  Educational Benefits
 *  "Recess" provides a break in your studies so that your
     children will do better when they return.
 *  Observing nature firsthand can ignite interest in science
     and other areas.
 *  Get a nature guide, and perhaps some binoculars, and learn the
     names of the plants, birds, and insects you see on your walk
 *  Stop and sketch a close-up of a rock or leaf, or keep a nature
     diary, recording the changes in a particular tree each week.
 *  Learn hymns about nature, such as "How Great Thou Art"
     and "Fairest Lord Jesus," and sing them together when
     viewing nature.

3.  Relationship Benefits
     Walking along, removed from the scene of your daily life,
you can get a different perspective and a unique opportunity to
visit with your children in an informal setting.  Having this
time to talk things through in an nonstressful time and place can
greatly benefit your relationship with your child.
 *  Really listen to your child; ask about his interests and what
     he is thinking about.

4.  Spiritual Benefits
     God has revealed Himself in nature.  Appreciating and
praising God for Himself and the wonders of the world He has
created is an act of worship as shown over and over in the
 *  Memorize, and say, verses about nature declaring the glory
     of God, such as Psalm 19.
 *  Discuss spiritual matters.  "You shall teach them diligently
     to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your
     house and when you walk by the way and when you lie
     down and when you rise up" (Deuteronomy 6:7).

Talking to Your Children
About Money & Stewardship?
     Moonjar Moneyboxes are fun,
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Decorate with Nature's Colors
     Bring the bounties and warm, vibrant colors of nature into
your home.  These decorations:
 *  Allow your children to participate in selecting and arranging
     items, many that can be collected on your walks.
 *  Help you teach artistic principles.
 *  Are appropriate from September through Thanksgiving, and
     most will last that long.
 *  Are free or inexpensive.

Items to Use
     Variety in size, shape, and color contributes to an attractive
 *  Leaves - individual (pressed or unpressed) or on small
 *  Pumpkins and Gourds - Those with hard skin last longest; you
     can also wash and wax them
 *  Chrysanthemums - potted or cut
 *  Indian Corn
 *  Ribbons
 *  Bowls, Baskets, and Cornucopias - Buy in thrift stores.

How To Use
     Use any combination of the above items.
 *  Groupings.  Example:  Set a pumpkin in the middle of a
     wreath of fall leaves.
 *  Wreaths or garlands.  Example:  Twist branches of leaves
     into a wreath or drape above a window or door.
 *  Bouquets.  Example:  Arrange a simple bouquet of leaves
     with other items grouped around the base of the vase.
 *  Under Table Coverings.  Example:  Place pressed leaves
     under a clear acetate or sheer table covering.

Where to Place Them
 *  Outside in front of your home or on your doorstep.
     Example:  Hollow out a pumpkin, pierce three small holes in
     the bottom, and use as a container for potting a fall
     chrysanthemum or simply set a potted plant inside.  These are
     wonderful for front step decorations, and a great alternative for
     families who do not carve pumpkins, but love their looks for
     fall.  (Submitted by Sarah of
 *  Centerpiece on your table or mantel.  Example:  Place a
     pumpkin and arrange other items on a pedestal cake platter.
 *  As hangings.  Example:  Braid Indian corn and hang it on a door.
 *  Large baskets with branches of leaves can be placed on the
     floor.  See more ideas and illustrations at

E-mail us your photo (as an attached jpg file):  Take a photo of
your children or family on a fall walk, or of a decoration that
you have arranged.  We will share as many as we can in our next

Books That Help Build Character -- Devotional, Missionary,
Christian Ethics, Puzzle, Coloring,  Storybooks, Posters, Seatwork
and Spanish. Aids for teaching.

Protect Your Family with a Smoke Alarm
     "In many of the house fires where lives are lost, an operating
smoke alarm could have made a difference. A smoke alarm reduces
the risk of dying in a house fire by 50 percent," said Michael D.
Brown, Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency
Preparedness and Response. FEMA offers these fire safety tips:
 *  Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, especially
     near bedrooms.
 *  Test all smoke alarms monthly.
 *  Vacuum over and around smoke alarms regularly.
 *  Replace smoke alarms after 10 years or as recommended by the
 *  Post emergency numbers on your telephone and make sure your
     children know how to dial them.
 *  Organize and practice a family fire drill.
More information:
For children:

Carbon Monoxide Detector
     If you have any nonelectric source of heating, cooking, or clothes
drying (i.e., gas, oil, or wood), you need carbon monoxide detectors.
 Many newer smoke alarms include both alarms.  Be sure you
understand the different sounds and necessary responses.

Editor's Note:  Sew matching nightgowns for your little girl and
her doll (pattern #3552).

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What To Do About Halloween
     Each year as the world begins to decorate for Halloween, we
can either ignore the holiday or respond to it in a way that will
edify our families and others while honoring the Lord.
     Since we have dealt thoroughly with these issues in past
newsletters, we will not do so again this year, but will refer you
to our Newsletter Archive instead.

What To Do About Halloween (Newsletter #16)
 *  Use To Teach Truth
 *  Responses: Alternatives and  Evangelism
 *  Tract Evangelism:  Advantages of Tracts, How To Use Tracts,

Unit Study on the Protestant Reformation (Newsletter #53)
     October 31st is Reformation Day, commemorating that date in
1517 when protestant reformer Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses
to the door.
 *  Teaching Our Children the Whole Truth

Reform for Today (Newsletter #54)
 *  Church Reform through Bible Study
 *  Political Reform Today
 *  How Home Schooling Avoids the State Religion
 *  The Superiority of Evangelism over Political Action


   51 Back Issues of The
   Teaching Home Magazine
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     Full of information, inspiration, and support that never goes
out of date.  These issues are relevant and applicable to your
needs today.
     In each issue an average of 58 home schoolers contribute
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teaching tips.

Mount St. Helens
     The recent volcanic dome-building activity of Mount St.
Helens in Washington state has had national attention.   As
usual, home educators see this as a good teaching opportunity --
not just about volcanos, but about what Mount St. Helens has
shown us in the area of creation science.
     Lloyd Anderson of the Mount St. Helens Creation Information
Center (see below) says, "While much was destroyed by the
eruptions of the 1980’s,  geological treasures have resulted to
shock evolutionary thinking and point us to a earth that is far
     "For instance, . . . logs deposited on Spirit Lake by the eruption
have demonstrated that the supposed 27 sequential forests at
Yellowstone National Park, said to have grown and died over
50 million years, is but one forest destroyed by one catastrophic
event and then transported to its present location."
     Ken Ham observed, "The events associated with the volcano's
explosion accomplished in seconds, hours, or just a few days,
geologic work that normally would be interpreted as having taken
hundreds or even millions of years. One particular canyon was
formed, which has since been named the ‘Little Grand Canyon.’
About 100 feet deep and somewhat wider, it is about 1/40th the
scale of the mighty Grand Canyon. This canyon was formed in one
day from a mud-flow. A newly formed river then flowed through the
Canyon formed by the mud-flow."

Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center
4749 Spirit Lake Highway, Silverlake, Washington 98645,
360-274-5737.  Free admission.
 *  Read some of the 14 online articles on Mount St. Helens at

Answers in Genesis
     "Upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first
 *  Read some of the hundreds of articles on Mount St. Helens at
 *  Consider buying book, audio, or video resources at

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
     This official website contains much information plus many links
and photos.

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Sunnyside Up: I Think She's Got It!
     I had been correcting our 4-year-old each time she used the
word got inappropriately or said gots.  Consequently, she had
been correction me when I said got, even if I had used it properly.
     One day I mentioned to her that I forgot something.  She
responded, "No Mommy, you forhad!"
     Submitted by Terri B., Maryland.

God Loves You.
     Because we were separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ
died in our place, then rose to life again.  If we trust Jesus Christ
as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
     "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of
works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8, 9).

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