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     Home-School and Other Events
Creation Science
     Why Creation Science is Essential
     Teaching Your Children To Think "Foundationally" from Genesis
     Evolution: A Theory in Trouble
     10 Best Evidences for Creation
Recommended Resources
     Refuting Evolution
     Discover Creation
     The Big Yellow Drawing Book
     Promise Checks
     NorthStar Academy
     Moody Science Classics DVDs or Videos
     Creation Illustrated Magazine


     The study of Creation Science is foundational to our
children's faith and confidence in God's Word.  It is also
essential for understanding both life and all other studies from
a Christian worldview.
     We trust that the information in this issue will inspire you and
furnish resources for your study.

Cindy Short and Sue Welch, Sisters and Co-Editors
The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian


Refuting Evolution
A Handbook Countering
the Latest Arguments for Evolution
by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., F.M.

     A good summary of the arguments
against evolution and for creation for
educators, students, and parents.  It should
stimulate much discussion and help students and teachers
think more critically about origins.

"Refuting Evolution" Free Online
Complete Text, Teacher's Study Guide, Student Worksheet
Lesson Plans


Home-School and Other Events

State Home-School Conventions
     The Teaching Home's website (below) lists state home-school
events, dates, and links to complete information.
April.  MA, OK / ON
May.  AR, FL, GA, IL, MI, MS, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, TN,
     TX, WV, WI, WY / NB, QC
June.  CO, CT, ID, IL, IA, KS, MT, NY, OH, SC, SD, TX, VA
July.  AL, AZ, CA, KY, TN / NZ  August. OR, TX
     Read "Getting the Most Out of Home-School Events" at

2005 Creation Mega Conference
Lynchburg, Virginia, July 17-22
     Equipping Christians to defend and proclaim the Gospel
in today's culture!  Featuring 25 of the world's greatest minds
in creation apologetics presenting their premier presentations,
including Ken Ham, Dr. Werner Gitt, Dr. John Whitcomb,
Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, and more.


Creation Science

     The broad topic of Creation Science is best studied and
taught from the many excellent and up-to-date resources available
from Christian organizations whose purpose and mission is to
spread this information.

     The following organizations offer thousands of free online
articles covering dozens of scientific and Biblical topics:
Answers in Genesis
Christian Answers

Christian Textbooks
     Christian textbooks, such as those from the following
publishers, furnish a Biblical worldview in science and history.
A Beka Book Publishers
Bob Jones University Press
Christian Liberty Press
Rod & Staff Publishers
Digital Learning Network

Articles in This Issue
     The articles in this newsletter introduce the subject of
Creation Science by:
 *  Explaining the importance of teaching Creation
 *  Giving an outline of evidences for Creation



Discover Creation
Children's Adventure
A curriculum for VBS,
Sunday School, Children's
Clubs, Homeschool Groups --
and Your Children!

     By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson, directors of Alpha Omega
Institute's children's ministry.
     Lesson Topics include: Creation vs. Evolution, Design,
Dinosaurs, Flood, and the Origin of Man.
     The Kit includes: Teacher's Guide, Lecture Videos, Craft
Instructions & Video, Fossil Molds, Music, Games/Snacks, Fossil
Cards, Presentation CD-ROM, Promo Materials, and Program


Why Creation Science is Essential
     A discerning Christian home educator can recognize the
pervasive presence of secular or "evolutionized" thinking in
many educational resources, resulting in:
 *  Unscientific "science"
 *  Inaccurate "history"
 *  Immoral philosophies
 *  Literature filled with either hopelessness or unreal
     This humanistic thinking is based on the belief that there
is no Creator to whom we are accountable -- that we are free
to define truth for ourselves and form our own laws.
     By contrast, the foundational truths related in Genesis have
the power to correct our view of reality:
 *  A Literal Six-Day Creation
 *  The Fall of Man
 *  The Universal Flood
     The following article explains why these "Biblical glasses"
are the essential tool for clear perception in every area of life
and learning.

Teaching Your Children
To Think "Foundationally" from Genesis
by Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis

     As Christian parents, you have chosen to teach science from
a Christian perspective.  You want to teach your children about
God's wonderful creation in a way that will build their faith and
inspire their appreciation of God's wisdom and power.

Secularized Thinking
     If we teach ourselves and our children to think
"foundationally," we will recognize when it is necessary to
"de-evolutionize" material and teach our children to think
consistently about the world as a Christian.
     You might say, "But I don't believe in evolution; I don't
believe man evolved from monkeys or that life evolved over
millions of years."
     But the theory of evolution is not just about millions of
years of processes resulting in one kind changing into another.
Evolution is basically Charles Darwin's attempt to explain life
without God.
     The humanistic philosophy of life behind evolution is that
man, independent of God or of revelation, by himself, determines
truth.  Man looks at the world and, on the basis of his own
observations and ideas, determines how to interpret the evidence
he sees, and thus to give it meaning.


The Big Yellow Drawing Book.
A workbook for kids, 8-13, teaching
the basic principles of drawing through
cartooning -- from simple steps to more
complex skills.

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Foundational Thinking
     Think about this in terms of eyeglasses.  Imagine the Bible
as a pair of glasses; when we put on these glasses, we are
looking at the world through the Bible's "eyes."
     From the Bible we learn that God made a perfect world with
no sin, death, bloodshed, disease, or suffering.  All the animals
and Adam and Eve were vegetarian.
     Then we read about an event that changed everything -- Adam
and Eve disobeyed God, and sin entered the world.  Because of
this fall, Romans 8:22 states, "For we know that the whole
creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now."
     Adam was warned in Genesis 2:17 that if he disobeyed God and
ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, death would
enter the world.
     If we don't believe in millions of years, yet we believe the
original creation was much like the world we see today, then we
really have destroyed the foundation of the gospel, because the
world today is a horrible world of death, bloodshed, disease, and
     The gospel message is dependent upon the fact that God
created a perfect world with no death, bloodshed, disease, or
suffering and that it was changed (marred) because of sin.

A Christian World View
     Often our children are trained to first look at the world
and try to understand it and then add God's Word to their
understanding.  Thus, they are "evolutionized."  They haven't
been trained to put on the "biblical glasses."
     It is one thing to teach children that evolution is false
and creation is true; it is another thing to teach them a
positive Christian creationist philosophy -- a total Christian
world view founded in the Bible.
     You see, the Bible is not just a book about religion or
salvation.  It is, in essence, what I call "The History Book of
the Universe."  It is a revelation from God that tells us how
everything began, what it was like, what happened. what is
happening now, what will happen in the future.
     If we want our children to think as a Christian should, then
their thinking must start with God's Word.  The Bible, as "The
History Book of the Universe," must be foundational to all areas
-- biology, geology, astronomy, music, art, and so on.


Online Christian
Learning Resources
NorthStar Academy
and NorthStar HomeSchool
offer home-based learners the opportunity
to study jr. and sr. high subjects at their own pace from our
nationally accredited private Christian online program.  Please
visit our website(s) today or call us toll-free (1-888-464-6280)
to learn more about our programs!


Understanding Christian Doctrine
     This foundational thinking based on Genesis is also vital
for our children to understand Christian doctrine.
     They will not understand what sin is (and therefore the
meaning of the gospel) unless they understand the historical
event of the fall of Adam.  This event in history is essential to
understand why Jesus is called the last Adam, why He became a
man, and why He died on the cross.
     They will not understand why there is death and suffering in
the world today and how that fits with a loving God if they don't
understand the origin of death in Genesis and the fact that it is
our fault (because we rebelled in Adam) that the world is in the
state it is.
     To understand all biblical doctrines of theology, our
children must understand and believe the first 11 chapters of
Genesis.  In fact, all Christian doctrines have their foundation
in Genesis.
     Believing and understanding Genesis is essential because
children must be taught to defend what they believe -- impossible
without the foundation in Genesis.

Moral Foundations
     Another vital aspect of thinking foundationally concerns
training our children to understand right and wrong.  If they
think that the rules for life have been imposed upon them by Mum
and Dad, why should they continue on with these?
     However, what a difference it makes when they are trained
starting with the Bible as the foundation.  What you teach them
would sound something like this:
     "God is creator of everything.  This means He owns
everything, even you.  God has the right to set the rules,
because he created us and owns us.  He is the absolute authority.
     "He tells us what is right and what is wrong.  And you are
going to obey your Mum and Dad as we give you rules as God said
in Ephesians 6:1, 'Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for
this is right.'"

The Alternative
     The social ills today are not the problems in our culture,
they are the symptoms of a problem; people are building their
thinking on an evolutionary foundation.  This foundation teaches
that man by himself can determine "truth."
     If we don't teach our children to think foundationally,
putting on their biblical glasses and building all of their
thinking on The History Book of the Universe, then the more they
think independently of the Scriptures, the more irrelevant the
Scriptures will become in their world view.
     Christian education is not just adding God to what we see in
the world.  Christian education is a whole way of thinking, a
world view that starts with the Bible as the foundation for every
area of thought.
     Are your children thinking foundationally?  Do you need to
de-evolutionize your thinking?  Put on your biblical glasses and
start today.

     Excerpted from an article in the July/Aug. 1997 Teaching Home.
     The Answers in Genesis website features thousands of articles
covering dozens of scientific and Biblical topics, plus media
programs, daily devotionals, resources, and much more.


Let "Moody Science
Classics" Show Your
Family the Connection
Between Science and Faith

     Marvel at the majesty of God,
as you watch, learn and enjoy a glimpse of nature's mysteries
captured on film.
     This 20-volume collection of economically priced videos
($9.95) or DVDs ($12.99) makes a valuable addition to your
home-school, support-group, or church library.  Spanish tracks
are included on 17 volumes.
     Order Your DVDs or Videos Online:
Or contact Customer Service at: 1-800-678-8812.
     For a listing of other products by Moody Publishers
see our online catalog at


Evolution: A Theory in Trouble
     The theory of evolution is scientifically bankrupt and
becomes more so with each new discovery.
     The reasons "scientists" and educators have not recognized
or admitted the truth by now include:
 *  Ignorance of each others' fields of study
 *  Blind faith in what they have been taught
 *  The huge investments of time and self they have dedicated
     to this theory
 *  And (last, but not least) the pride and fear that prevent all
     but the most childlike from admitting, "The Emperor has
     no clothes!"
     The following partial list of serious flaws in evolutionary
theory provide an outline for a fascinating study of God's
magnificent Creation.

10 Best Evidences for Creation
by Dave & Mary Jo Nutting and Dan Korow,
Alpha Omega Institute

1.  The Fossil Record.
     The fossil record provides evidence for a complex,
instantaneous creation. Why?
     A.  The lower geologic layers reveal a sudden proliferation
of complex life forms with every phyla represented. This Cambrian
Explosion or “Big Bang” of life is preceded by no simpler forms.
     B.  Today's living forms show no change from their supposed
ancient ancestors.
     C.  There are large and systematic gaps between the
different kinds of fossils rather than gradual, evolutionary

2.  Irreducible Complexity
     Prepackaged, highly engineered systems exist in our bodies
that are so complex they defy evolutionary explanations.
     These systems involve integrated multiple parts and
reactions that work together only as a whole. If you eliminate
any one piece, none of the system works at all.
     Evolution supposedly operates by natural selection
perfecting less developed systems. However, natural selection
requires something working and in place to perfect!
     Examples in the human body are the immune system, blood
clotting, and any one of hundreds of biochemical pathways.

3.  Gaps in the Living World
     If isolated members of a species change by evolutionary
processes, the main population group can still continue.
     We should be able to read the history of the evolutionary
progression right across the very top of the evolutionary
branching tree.
     We can't! Just as the fossil record contains large
systematic gaps, the living world does too.
     We see evidence for creation of distinct kinds -- not one
kind changing into another.

4.  Laws of Probability
     The odds are enormously great against the successful
occurrence of each of the myriads of needed evolutionary changes!

     Even the probability of 1 small protein occurring by
accident is 1 chance out of 10,260. Since we have thousands of
even larger proteins, it is inconceivable they all happened by
     Coupling that with intricate structures like eyes, wings,
hearts, lungs, etc., the laws of probability scream out,

5.  Law of Cause and Effect
     The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the best documented
principles of science and of everyday experience. Every event
must have a sufficient cause.
     Since the origin of the universe and the origin of life are
events, they too must have a cause.
     The physical universe consisting of time, space, energy, and
matter must all have a cause outside themselves.
     Likewise, life must have a living Cause.
     Following this reasoning to its logical conclusion, leads to
an infinite, eternal, powerful, intelligent, living First Cause
-- our awesome Creator!


Free Introductory Issue:
"The Christian Answer
to National Geographic"
     No home should be without Creation
Illustrated magazine!  Stunning photography,
Bible-based nature lessons, animal features,
exciting outdoor adventures and nature activities
for children.  Awarded 3 Silver Angels!
A perfect addition to your curriculum and family devotions.


6.  Chicken or Egg Principle
     Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has
plagued philosophers for a long time.
     The question is even deeper, however. Chickens have many
proteins. Each protein is coded for by the DNA/RNA system.
However, many specific proteins are needed in order to
manufacture DNA/RNA.
     So which came first: proteins or DNA/RNA?
     The logical explanation is that they were both created.

7.  Intelligent Design
     Intelligent Design demands an Intelligent Designer.
     The airplane, computer, and digital camera originated not by
random, undirected, chance processes, but by engineering genius.
Such sophisticated achievements however, pale in comparison to
the extremely complex, systematically ordered, precision
regulated systems of living tissue.
     The superior flight of the dragonfly, the mind boggling
information mega-processor of the human brain, and the eye as a
self-focusing, fully-automatic, high resolution, 3-D motion
picture camera are the natural prototypes for our acclaimed tech
     It is scientifically inconceivable, unreasonable, and
illogical to credit blind, brainless chance as their maker.
     God alone is wise without limits, and deserves the Glory.

8.  The Anthropic Principle
     The Anthropic Principle observes that the universe,
including our beautiful, blue planet appears to have been
specifically designed for man to inhabit (just as Isaiah 45:18
says). Without the delicate balance of multitudes of physical
properties, life would be impossible.
     Examples include the strength of the four basic forces in
the universe (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak
nuclear forces), the size and shape of the earth, the distance
from earth to sun, the tilt of the earth's axis, the
concentration of atmospheric gases, and the presence of abundant
liquid water.
     It couldn't just happen.

9.  Information Theory
     Information has intelligence as its source, not haphazard
chaotic chance.
     A computer programmer instills purpose, plan, and design by
implementing and organizing recognizable bits of data into an
understandable language framework. In biological systems,
information is encoded as DNA, the programmed software of cells.
     As evolutionist Dr. Michael Denton says in his book
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, “The capacity of DNA to store
information vastly exceeds that of any other known system; it is
so efficient that all the information needed to specify an
organism as complex as man weighs less than a few thousand
millionths of a gram.”
     Since raw organic molecules have no intrinsic cognitive
capacity, who injected the information into the DNA?
     God alone is able.

10.  Extreme Complexity
     Complexity beyond comprehension characterizes all life
forms, including the so-called “simple cell.”
     As Dr. Michael Denton states referring to the cell, “...we
would find ourselves in a world of supreme technology and
bewildering complexity...beyond our own creative capacities.”
     Everything, from atomic structures to cells, organs, organ
systems, and living creatures speaks of incredible order,
balance, and unity as a whole.

. . . and God Said It!
     It is really hard to argue with the only One who claims to
have been there when the universe and life began.
     He said He created everything to reproduce "after its own
kind" -- not one kind changing into another.

     Dave & Mary Jo Nutting are the directors of Alpha Omega


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God Loves You.
     Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ
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Christ as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
     "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that
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