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The Social Benefits
of Homeschooling

From HSLDA's Home School Heartbeat:

Socialization starts in the home.  That's the subject of Rachel Gathercole's book, The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling, which she discussed July 20-24 with program host Mike Smith.

Read transcripts or listen to radio broadcasts online.

The topics of the five short, succinct sessions are:

• But What About Socialization?
• What is Good Socialization?
• The Reality of Homeschool
• The Key to Socialization
• Building Community

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Archaeological Find

The world of archeology is rocked by evidence of King David's palace unearthed in Jerusalem.

From  "The debunkers of Jewish biblical history got some bad news recently, when a spunky, dedicated archaeologist began her latest dig.

"Dr. Eilat Mazar, world authority on Jerusalem's past, has taken King David out of the pages of the Bible and put him back into living history.

"Mazar's latest excavation in the City of David, in the southern shadow of the Temple Mount, has shaken up the archaeological world.  For lying undisturbed for over 3,000 years is a massive building which Mazar believes is King David's palace.

Mazar says, "I am a Jew and an Israeli, and I feel great joy when the details on the ground match the descriptions in the Bible.

"Today it's become fashionable to say there was no David, no Solomon, no Temple, no prophets. But suddenly the facts on the ground are speaking, and those outspoken voices are stammering."

Read many interesting details, including information about the "bulla," a clay disc, inscribed in ancient Hebrew script, at


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A Defense of Homeschooling

From Ray Comfort's Blog:

Posted Comment

"Evolution has been proven despite what your idiot homeschool 'textbooks' told you. The only questions are about the details."  - Ryk

Ray Comfort's Answer

I have met many kids who have been educated by their parents (using "idiot" home school textbooks) and I have found that they are consistently respectful, well-adjusted to life, sociable with their peers, and extremely knowledgeable.  This is because those that are educating them deeply love them, and they have the ability to care for them as individuals.  Studies have shown that children whose parents are directly involved in their education are more apt to excel in academics.  In addition to this, extended periods of time together strengthen family relationships, not only between the child and his parents, but also with his siblings.

Granted, by not being educated by the public system, their kids will miss out on learning how to communicate using filthy language.  They will also miss out on the use of illegal drugs.  According to a survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, "Millions of U.S. teens attend 'drug-infested schools' where students routinely see drugs used, sold or kept on schools grounds . . . Thirty-one percent of high school students – more than 4 million – see drug dealing, illegal drug use or students high or drunk at least once a week on their school grounds."[1]

Home schooled kids will also miss out on sexual promiscuity, contracting sexually transmitted diseases (one in four U.S. females has a sexually transmitted disease[2]), being bullied, and maybe being shot to death (to date, there have been shootings resulting in the deaths of students in 76 different U.S. public schools).  According to the National Conference of State Legislatures an incredible one in five kids in public schools have seriously considered suicide: "19.3 percent of high school students have seriously considered killing themselves."

Back in 2007, nearly 6.2 million students in the United States between the ages of 16 and 24 dropped out.  According to ABC, "A study this week from Strong American Schools reports that 40 percent of seniors still do not understand the math they were taught in the eighth grade.  And an earlier study from Common Core found that nearly a quarter cannot identify Adolph Hitler, more than half cannot place the American Civil War in the right century, and a third do not know that the Bill of Rights guarantees free speech."[3].  The American public school system is a failure.

Had home schoolers attended public school they would have also been brainwashed by an unproven theory about human origins, and ended up believing that they are nothing but an animal with no ultimate moral accountability.  Evolution doesn't simply teach that we have a common ancestor in primates.  It seriously teaches that we are primates,[4] and if the result of public schooling education is to reject God and His gift of eternal life, the depth of that tragedy will only be measured in the light of eternity.

Sadly, millions of impressionable young people have already been brainwashed into believing that evolution is a proven fact, and that all it lacks is "details."  How could any theory be proven when there are no details to provide proof?  The missing link (the details) is still missing.  All evolution believers have is a blind faith in what they have been taught by other believers in the theory, and "evolution did it" isn't good science.  It's a pseudo-science.  And that's a fact.


For Evangelism Resources, please visit

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Sunnyside Up

Even Ignorance Is Free!

When our daughter, Trace, was in the 1st grade, I asked her to complete the following sentence: "The Statue of Liberty reminds people all over the world that America is a land of _____."

Tracy and her older brother, Jason, were left in the schoolroom while I prepared lunch.  I overheard Tracy asking Jason how to spell "dumb."

When I returned to the schoolroom, I discovered that Tracy had filled the blank with "free dumb"!

Submitted by Clifton and Edris Wilson, Pennsylvania.

Send your humorous anecdote to

God at Work

Spreading the Gospel

This story was posted on The Pocket Testament League's website.

"I just headed a door-to-door evangelism event with our church's college Bible study.

"With 11 people, we went to over 90 houses and gave out approximately 70 copies of the Gospel of John to those we talked with.

"One man was seeking and was excited to get a copy to read and study.  Several others were also thankful and said they would read the Gospel.  One lady, a Christian, was very excited and was going to send the Gospel of John to her son serving aboard a Navy ship in the gulf.

"It was so exciting to get God's Word into the hands of so many people in one night."

What a rewarding evening for this Bible study group!

If you're shy about sharing your faith one-on-one, consider joining with your Christian friends or members of your church to bring the Gospel to others.  The group experience will give you confidence in your ministry of personal evangelism, and it will encourage you as you watch the Gospel being welcomed with excitement and gratitude.

You can order a supply of Gospel of John booklets in a cover designed to fit your sharing situation at

In Christ, Michael W. Brickley
President, The Pocket Testament League

PS: Learn the history of The Pocket Testament League by touring our Virtual Museum.  You may be surprised to know that the League is over 100 years old!

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God's Love for Us

Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ died in our place, then rose to life again.  If we trust Him as our Savior and Lord, He will forgive our sin and give us eternal life.

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."  (John 3:16)

"The Lord ... is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance." (II Peter 3:9)

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In This Issue

20 Things To Do This Summer –
Outdoors with Your Family

Recommended Resources

•  Ferg N' Us Services: Homeschooler's Journal
•  Candy 4WAY Phonics: Systematic Phonics Program
•  Logos Language Institute: Foreign Language Study
•  Oxford Tutorial Service: High School College Prep


In this issue we suggest 20 activities that your family can do together this summer outdoors.

Whether you are working or playing, it becomes special if the whole family does it together.  Wouldn't your children like to do an art project, wash the car, or play a game with Mom and Dad?

And just by taking an activity outside can also give it a new perspective and enjoyment.

So try some of these activities to build family memories and help bring your family closer together this summer!

May the Lord bless your family for His glory.


     The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
     Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian

The Teaching Home is a home-school, family-run business operated in our home since 1980.

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• Spaces for Assignments/Tests
• Field Trip Logs
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• Objective/Resource Pages
• Individual Library Lists
• Lending and Borrowing Resource Log
• Check-Off List for Yearly Requirements
Many more features    Low Cost – Only $10.95 each

The Math Journal.  Keep math work together, place values aligned, and moreFree with your order of three Journals.

Ferg N' Us Services
See information and order at

1.  Do a Nature Study Drawing

Going out-of-doors to draw a nature study can be very inspiring.

 •  Keep your studies as simple as possible: one leaf, one flower, one pine cone, one branch, etc.

 •  Start by drawing each object lightly with a colored pencil.  Then squint your eyes to see how many colors you see in the object.

 •  Place those colored pencils in your hand as a reminder, and then start placing a lot of color into your drawing.

by Barry Stebbing, author of How Great Thou Art instruction materials.

2.  Do Art and Craft Projects

Summer provides more time for art and craft projects.  Take some projects outdoors, especially the messy ones.

 •  Learn a new art or craft.

 •  Compile a list of gifts you would like to make and check them off as you go.


 •  Christian curriculum for art education including the fundamentals of drawing, painting, color theory, and art appreciation from How Great Thou Art.

 •  Arts and crafts ideas from Crayola using crayons, chalk, paper, scissors, glue, colored pencils, water or acrylic paint, finger paint, sidewalk chalk, clay, play dough, markers, etc., plus lesson plans.

 •  Arts and crafts projects and crafts using materials found around the house.

 •  Make your own play dough, molding clay, paste, silly putty, and more.

3.  Attend Free Outdoor Performances

Check with your local newspaper for a list of free outdoor performances such as concerts, plays, historic reenactments, and zoo exhibits.

This is a great opportunity to introduce children to cultural events that would otherwise be too expensive or too long for them to sit through.

 •  Take sleeping bags or folding chairs to sit on and snacks that are not messy or complicated to serve.

 •  Introduce your children to the main plot and background of a play or opera before attending so they can follow it better and get more out of it.

4.  Family Reading Time

Read a book or the Bible outside – in your yard in the cool of the evening or on an outing – as a family together.

5.  Star Gaze with Your Family

Wonder together as a family at God's mighty universe!

"When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers,
     the moon and the stars, which You have ordained; . . .
O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth!"
     (Psalms 8:3, 9)

 •  Begin with a good daily or weekly skywatching guide or star map so that you know what to look for.

 •  Pick a good viewing spot: your back yard or out away from city lights.

The next meteor shower is the Perseids on August 12.  The shower peaks early afternoon on the 12th, so the morning of the 12th (midnight to dawn) and late evening are the best times to watch from the U.S.

 •  View on a night without moonlight, so you can see meteors, the Milky Way, and more stars.

 •  Start with just your eyes to appreciate the expansive beauty of the entire night sky.

 •  Add a quality pair of binoculars. They are inexpensive, portable, provide a balance between magnification and light-gathering power, as well as enabling you to find your target better.

 •  Learn about the differences in telescope features before selecting a telescope.

 •  Use a reclining chair or lie on a sleeping bag.

 •  Get lots more tips for becoming a stargazer and look for an observatory with public access in your area.

If your family gets really interested in the stars, consider using a unit study based on astronomy.

See Classical Astronomy's website for information, free newsletter signup, and a Christian homeschool astronomy curriculum, Signs & Seasons.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program –
Systematic 4WAY Phonics that Enables
Children To Read over 30,000 Words

    Candy couldn't read, then she could, thanks to Systematic 4WAY Phonics!
Read Candy's true story!

    Candy 4WAY Phonics
For less than $10 you can own a Complete, Systematic Phonics Program.

Candy's 4WAY Phonics includes:
     • 100 Systematic Phonics lessons
     • 20 Leveled Color Story Readers
     • Lifetime Phonogram Charts
     • Flashcards       • Spelling Rules
     • 82-Page How to Teach Intensive Phonics e-book
     • Multisensory Vowel Charts  –  and so much more.

6.  Take an Outing

Ask your family, "Where do we want to go before summer is over?"

 •  Plan dates and put it on your calendar, or this winter you may wonder why you didn't get to the beach, park, mountains, etc. this summer!

 •  Take your binoculars and field guides for bird, flower, and plant identification, as well as creation science guides.

7.  Backyard Camping

If you family isn't able to, or doesn't enjoy camping in the "wilderness," set up tents in your backyard – or sleep under the stars (combine with star gazing).  If you want to go back to your own beds in the middle of the night – no problem.

8.  Harvest the Bounty

If possible, go to fields together for you-pick produce (peaches are easy and fast to pick); then freeze, make jam, or dry.

 •  Freeze whole berries by spreading on trays in your freezer. Transfer to airtight freezer bags when frozen and remove air before closing.  (Placing the bag in water just below the top of the bag, squeezes out air.)

Frozen berries are perfect to add in a blender smoothie (1 cup milk or yogurt plus one serving of frozen fruit) all year long!

 •  Make freezer jam (our family's favorite).  Try the low-sugar or honey recipes.

 •  Dry berries or fruit to use in cereal, trail mix, or scones.

Don't forget to savor plenty of these delicious gifts from God, fresh, while they last!

9.  Do Yard Work for Yourself or Others

One of the nicest things you and/or your children can do to help neighbors or church members who are elderly, busy, or physically challenged, is to mow their lawns.

 •  Read "How to Mow, Edge and Trim a Lawn" and view a short video on "How to Mow Like a Professional Landscaper."

 •  Read "Tips to Keep Kids Safe from Lawn Mower Injuries"

 •  Your family or older child might also want to start a lawn care business (more information).

Be sure to use proper protection if any spraying is done.

10.  Wash Your Car Together

Your family can wash your car, play in the water, and cool down at the same time!

Review "How To Wash a Car" and "How to Keep Your Car Clean and Orderly" (interior).

You might also volunteer to wash the cars of neighbors or church members who are elderly, busy, or physically challenged.

11.  Volunteer for Community Clean Up

In most communities, organizations and events bring people together to clean up roads, rivers, beaches, etc.

 •  Check with your local newspaper to find an opportunity in your area.

 •  Observe safety measures when working along roads or picking up potentially hazardous materials.

 •  Volunteer as a family or as a church or support group.

Ideal for Christian Home Schoolers
or Summer Mission Trips!

    Logos Language Institute
is an evangelistic ministry which equips Christians
to witness and minister in foreign languages.

   • Intro packets
      in 21 languages
   • Low cost
      ($15-$23 each)
   • Simple,
   • Self-study books
      and tapes or CDs
   • Use alone or with another language program
   • 6-level program in Spanish
   • Everyday and spiritual / biblical vocabulary
   • Ideal for short-term missions, homeschool

Logos Language Institute   1-800-445-6467
Read Reviews by M. Pride, C. Duffy, plus testimonies.

12.  Play Outdoor Games

See more than 100 outdoor games, summer games, and water games.

13.  Make Bubbles

Buy extra large containers of bubble solution or make your own.

Bubble Solution Recipe
2 quarts distilled water
    Slowly stir in:
6 oz. non-ultra Dawn, original scent
    (or 4.5 oz. ultra dish detergent)
1.5 tablespoons glycerin
    (use 3 tablespoons if using ultra detergent)
You can cut this recipe in half or double it.

 •  See more recipes, instructions, and explanations.

 •  You can blow bubbles through a wand or use various things to make bubbles.

 •  Learn all about the science of bubbles, e.g., bubbles do best when humidity is 30% or greater.

14.  Throw a Frisbee

A Frisbee (also called a flying disc) is something that your whole family can have fun throwing in your own backyard or a park.

 •  Always keep a Frisbee available in your car.

 •  Learn the basic throws and catches.

 •  Learn how to play the team sport Ultimate Frisbee.

 •  Find a Disc Golf course and learn how to play.

15.  Go on a Scavenger Hunt

 •  Divide into teams or partners.

 •  Provide a list of items to find.
Items can be randomly chosen or based on a theme, such as the following printable lists suggest (cross off items you don't want or add others):

     Nature; another Nature; Sounds (tape record)
     ABC Items (good for younger children)
     Jigsaw Puzzle (find pieces and put them together)

 •  See more hunts and suggestions.

 •  Set a time limit.
The team that finds the most items by the end of the time limit, or that finds all of the items first, wins!

Suggested Rules

 •  For safety, children should not leave your own property unless with an adult (e.g., in the neighborhood or at a park).

 •  Don't follow the frequent scavenger-hunt practice of taking or borrowing items from others.

 •  Don't pick vegetation on public, or others' private, property.


 •  Include some chores in a family scavenger hunt.

 •  Include items you have lost and need to find.

 •  Instead of collecting items, photograph, tape record, or draw them.

Study the Classics Online!

Classic Christian Worldview

High School College Prep

     Oxford Tutorials offers college preparation classes over the Internet in Classical Latin, Great Books, Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Logic, and Rhetoric.

• Follows a classical, Christian worldview and approach.
• Teaches history of ideas which shaped our culture.
• Weekly Tutorials with Norman J. Lund, Ph.D.

Oxford Tutorial Service

Learn more at

Registrations for Fall 2009 Now Open!

16.  Eat Outdoors

Enjoy eating your regular meals in your own yard on folding tables or blankets, as well as special picnics in parks and places of interest this summer.

 •  Simplify your picnic menu to a few healthy finger foods (e.g. sandwiches, fruit, water, and dessert).

 •  Keep a few items on hand for a spontaneous picnic or stop by the deli for some ready-made items.

 •  Have a checklist and a picnic basket or box supplied and ready to go.

 •  Assign each child one task to get the picnic ready each time.

7.  Take Tea

A tea is a special treat to prepare for your family and friends.  It can be simple or elaborate, served as a lunch, an afternoon tea, or even a party.  It is especially nice to take tea outside on the lawn in summertime.

 •  Start with a pot of tea!

 •  Instead of your best tablecloths and dishes, use something nice that is less likely to get ruined outside.

 •  Add fresh flowers.

 •  Make a variety of small tea sandwiches.

 •  Accompany with fresh fruit.

 •  Serve scones with whipped or clotted cream and jam.

 •  Finish with a selection of dainty desserts.

 •  See more recipes and ideas.

"Tea and Hospitality" is a home school unit study based on the topic of tea.

18.  Make Ice Cream

Making homemade ice cream together is a family memory shared by many generations.

 •  Buy an ice cream maker or use your freezer.

 •  Ingredients can include cream, milk, or yogurt; sugar or honey; plus flavorings and/or fresh, seasonal fruit.

 •  See many ice cream recipes, many unusual recipes, 460 recipes, 557 recipes.

19.  Have a Neighborhood BBQ or Picnic

A traditional summer neighborhood activity is a block party.

 •  Invite people on your block with written invitations.

 •  Someone with a large yard may offer to host a BBQ or potluck picnic, or you could go to a local park.

 •  Have everyone bring food, paper plates, cups, and plasticware, as well as folding tables and chairs if needed.

 •  Visiting and getting acquainted is the main objective, but games (see above) help break the ice and occupy children, as can churning homemade ice cream.

Advantages of being acquainted with your neighbors are:

 •  Safety of persons and property as you look out for each other. Exchange a (confidential) list of names and phone numbers for use in emergencies. You might even consider forming a neighborhood watch.

 •  Evangelism opportunities (see below).

20.  Backyard Evangelism

The opportunity to witness and be "salt" and "light" in your community this summer might include:

 •  Hosting a children's 5-day club or starting an ongoing weekly children's Bible club.

 •  Inviting a family to a BBQ, dinner, or afternoon tea in your backyard where you can talk about your life and testimony in a conversational manner.

 •  Leading a ladies or couples Bible study.


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