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For 26 Years The Teaching Home Has Been Providing Families
Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement from a Distinctively Christian Perspective.
Cindy Short and Sue Welch, Co-Editors


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•  Patriotic Evangelism
•  Make Ice Cream
•  TTH Back Issue

•  Creation Science Resources
    for Your Vacations
•  Sunnyside Up
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Patriotic Evangelism

    Reach out to the unsaved in your community this 4th of July.

    It's easy to pass out patriotic tracts — start walking through the crowd saying, "Happy Independence Day" or "God bless America" as you give them out.

    If anyone seems friendly, stop and chat with him, and then take him through the Gospel.

    See more ideas and order tracts at Living Waters.


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•  In-depth information on all aspects of home education.

•  Practical ideas to use with your children.

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Make Ice Cream

    Making homemade ice cream together is a traditional part of many 4th of July family picnics and is a family memory shared by many generations.

 •  Buy an ice cream maker or use your freezer or two cans.

    Ingredients can include cream, milk, or yogurt; sugar or honey; plus flavorings.

 •  Add fresh, seasonal fruit in or on your ice cream.

 •  See many ice cream recipes and instructions; find 460 recipes including sorbets made without milk (make quick and easy sorbets by just using fruit juice in an electric ice cream maker!).

 •  Make healthy popsicles by blending up fruit (like watermelon) and freezing it in molds, or blend fresh or frozen berries with yogurt (sweeten to taste).


The Teaching Home
Back Issues

    "I cannot tell you how far I have come as a result of the encouragement I have received from The Teaching Home.
    "I have gone from surviving to thriving; from enduring to enjoying." – Karen, Missouri

Teaching Home Back Issues

    Many home schoolers have found information, inspiration, and support from the writers who have contributed to The Teaching Home magazine over the last 23 years.

    Fifty-one back issues are offered online or by mail order.


Creation Science Resources
for Your Vacations

Wonders of Geology
    These ten brochures explain awesome formations from a biblical viewpoint. Beautifully illustrated and clearly written.
 •  Grand Canyon, Arizona
 •  Mount St. Helens, Wash.
 •  Cave Formations
 •  Dinosaur Monument, Utah
 •  Petrified Forests, Yellowstone
 •  Devils Tower, Wyoming
 •  Niagara Falls, North America
 •  Giant’s Causeway, N. Ireland
 •  White Cliffs of Dover
    Action Pack from Answers in Genesis includes all 10 tri-fold brochures.

Zoo Guide
    This Bible-based handbook from Answers in Genesis features more than 100 animals with beautiful pictures and amazing facts and design features that point to our awesome Creator.

Aquarium Guide
    With aquariums around the world using God’s amazing creatures to teach evolution, Christians need information that gives them biblical truth. Covers more than 100 sea creatures. From Answers in Genesis.

Creation Science Road Guides
 •  Road Guide to the John Day Area of Central Oregon
 •  Road Guide to Yellowstone National Park and Adjacent Areas

Creation Science Museums
    Biblical creation science museums.

 •  Museum of Earth History; Eureka Springs, Arkansas

 •  Biblical Archeology and Anthropology Museum; Ridgecrest, California

 •  Museum of Creation and Earth History; Santee, California

 •  A Key Encounter; Key West, Florida

 •  Dinosaur Adventure Land; Pensacola, Florida

 •  Lost World Museum; Phoenix, New York

 •  Akron Fossils & Science Center; Akron, Ohio

 •  Creation Museum; Cincinnati, Ohio

 •  Grand River Museum; Lemmon, South Dakota

 •  Wyatt Archaeological Museum; Cornersville, Tennessee

 •  Creation Evidence Museum; Glen Rose, Texas

 •  Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum; Lubbock, Texas

 •  7 Wonders Museum of Mount St. Helens; Silverlake, Washington

 •  Big Valley Creation Science Museum; Big Valley, Alberta, Canada

 •  Genesis Expo; Portsmouth, England

Information from Creation Science Museums and Information Centers.


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Sunnyside Up

What Butter Knives Become
When They Grow Up

    As I cut up apple slices for my children, I warned them never to handle the paring knife because it was sharp and could hurt them.

    One day my 4-year-old son, Caleb, came to me with an apple and a butter knife in hand, asking me to cut it up for him. He explained with a big smile that he only brought the butter knife because it wasn't sharp like the "parent" knife.

    Submitted by Rhonda, Florida

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God Loves You.

    Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ died in our place, then rose to life again. If we trust Him as our Savior and Lord, He will forgive our sin and give us eternal life.

    "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:16)


Copyright 2007 The Teaching Home


In This Issue: More Summer Activities
1.  Mark Your Summer Events Calendar
2.  Make a Clean Sweep of Your Home
3.  Spread the Good News
4.  Must You Finish Your Leftovers?

Recommended Resources
•  AVKO Multi-Sensory Language Arts
•  Speedy Spanish and Character-Building Books
•  Christian Family Books in Spanish


     In this issue we bring you more ideas for your summer!

     May the Lord bless you and your family for His glory.

The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian

The Teaching Home is a home-school, family-run business operated in our home since 1980.

1.  Mark Your Summer Events Calendar

     It's time to check your calendar and mark any dates that you won't want to miss this summer!

Be Prepared with a Creation Science Viewpoint

     If your family visits a national park, geological feature, or zoo, you will encounter evolutionary explanations.

     Be prepared with a creation-science view of God's awesome works which show that real science confirms the biblical account of creation and a global flood.

 •   Read online "Why shouldn't Christians accept millions of years?" Chapter 2 of the New Answers Book.

 •   See "Creation Science Resources for Your Vacations" in the column on the left.

 •   Read "Explore God's Creation as a Family Vacation" by Dave and Mary Jo Nutting with information on Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Dinosaur National Monument, Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens, Mammoth Cave and Carlsbad Caverns, and Niagara Falls.

Try a Rock and Gem Show

     Has your family ever visited a rock and gem show (often includes fossils too)?  These can be a fascinating look into the beauty of God's creation, stimulation for science study, and just plain family fun.

     Most of these shows are free. Find a rock and gem show near you in an online list of dozens of shows all over the nation.

Attend Free Outdoor Performances

     Check with your local newspaper for a list of free outdoor performances such as concerts, plays, historic reenactments, and zoo exhibits.

     This is a great opportunity to introduce children to cultural events that would otherwise be too expensive, or too long, for them to sit through.

 •   Take sleeping bags or folding chairs to sit on and snacks that are not messy or complicated.

 •   Give your children some background information, or introduce them to the main plot and background of a play or opera, before attending so they can get more out of the performance.

Enter the Fair

     Contact your county or state fair for entry deadlines and information.

 •   Contact your local newspaper or Extension Office (see a list) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

 •   See a list of all 50 state fairs with links to their websites.

     Submitting an entry in your county or state fair can be challenging and rewarding.

     The study and skill-building needed to produce your entry provides motivation and opportunity to hone a life skill, and the recognition can encourage your child.

     Almost any accomplishment can be entered.  You can enter your family's favorite cookie, your child's artwork or science fair project, a cross-stitched sampler, a flower or vegetable, etc. in one of these typical categories:

 •   Flowers, fruits, and vegetables
 •   Needlework, handcrafts, and garment making
 •   Baking and canning
 •   Collections
 •   School projects

     There are usually age levels from under 5 years to seniors over 65 years.

     There are all kinds of things to see and do at your state or county fair.  If you don't submit an entry this year, go check out the possibilities for next year.


AVKO (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Oral) Offers a Multi-Sensory Approach to Language Arts through Phonics and Word Families.
 •   Individualized Keyboarding teaches reading and spelling skills as your child masters the keyboard.
 •   Let's Write Right teaches reading/spelling as the alphabet is learned.
 •   Sequential Spelling builds self-esteem.
 •   To Teach a Dyslexic is the readable and enjoyable autobiography of Don McCabe, a dyslexic who has become a widely recognized expert on dyslexia and head of AVKO.
     To try it before you buy it or for information on dyslexia, visit our website. Complimentary samples and downloads. / 1-866-285-612


2.  Make a Clean Sweep of Your Home

Dejunk Your Home with the Four Box Method

     What can you do this summer to make things a whole lot easier for you all year long? Dejunk your house!

     The "Four-Box Dejunking Method" below is recommended by many experts to help you identify and dispose of clutter.

 •   Get four boxes and label them:  1) Throw Away,  2) Give Away or Sell,  3) Storage,  and 4) Put Away.

 •   Make a decision about each item you pick up and place it in the correct box.

 •   Schedule time before you stop working each day to appropriately dispose of box contents.

     In Newsletter #128, read more about becoming motivated to get your house in order, planning your decluttering strategies, finding a place for everything, and learning how to keep clutter out of your home.

     See "Yard Sale Tips: How To Organize a Garage Sale."

Finish Up with "Spring Cleaning"

     Because of school schedules, a thorough house cleaning from attic to basement may be easier for homeschoolers to do during the summer than the spring.

 •   You might want to set aside a week or a full or partial day each week for cleaning until it is done.

 •   As you clean, continue using the 4-box method of getting rid of clutter.  Read tips about cutting clutter at

 •   Find professional cleaning products and notes on how to use them at Don Aslett's

 •   Clean each room and and deal with each and every item, nook, and cranny.  See a week-by-week, room-by-room cleaning plan.

 •   Clean as a team. Assign each member of your family a chore (some may want to specialize) and see how much more you can do working together.

     Celebrate when done!


Speedy Spanish (Christian Course) and
Books That Teach and Build Character

     Speedy Spanish Courses offer you a compact, Christian, easy-to-use curriculum for grades 3-12.
     Exercises, games, Bible verses, and songs make this a fast, fun way to learn Spanish. Self-teaching cassettes or CDs are available.
     Also from Bechtel Books at
 •   Many teaching aids for pre-K through teens.
 •   Devotional, missionary, puzzle, coloring, and story books.


3.  Spread the Good News

     Opportunities to share the good news of salvation are available in some unique ways during the summer!

 •   Pray that the Lord will direct you to a ministry and bring people into your life that you can witness to — and He will!

 •   Help with your church's Vacation Bible School.

 •   Teach a one-week neighborhood Bible class in your backyard with songs, verses, and Bible stories, such as Jesus: My Savior and Friend, five evangelistic flashcard Bible lessons from Child Evangelism Fellowship.

 •   Help man an evangelistic booth at a fair.  (Check opportunities with Amazing Grace Mission.

 •   Use tracts to spread the Gospel. Read tips on why and how to use tracts online by Dan Southern, president, American Tract Society.

 •   Order tracts such as patriotic tracts; "God's Simple Plan of Salvation" (in many languages); and free Gospels of John (available from the Pocket Testament League in several translations with the plan of salvation included; also Spanish and Chinese versions).

 •   Pray that the seeds of God's Word you have planted will bear eternal fruit.


Reach Out to Your Spanish-Speaking
Friends and Neighbors with Books
To Help Them Build Christian Families

     Missionaries in Mexico, Mike and Pam Richardson, also provide home-school information and support to Spanish-speaking families through Vida Nueva Ministries at Now you are able to order a fine selection of books (such as Created To Be His Help Meet, shown above) that you can use to minister to Spanish- speaking families at


4.  Must You Finish Your Leftovers?

     Do you need to complete any unfinished studies from last year?  Their relative importance, determined by the level of competence needed, will help you decide what really needs to be done.

Level 1:  Acquaintance

     Some subject matter requires only an acquaintance, especially if it will be repeated at a higher level another year (e.g. elementary science or history books)

 •   Read the material together like you would a storybook.

Level 2:  Understanding

     Some information needs to be more thoroughly understood before the next level is studied or in order to relate it to other subjects.

 •   Read and discuss the material together, referring to a globe, map, or timeline, but skipping assignments and tests.

Level 3:  Mastery

     Some essential and basic information requires instant recall to continue to higher levels.  Examples:  math facts and operations; rules of phonics, spelling, and grammar; definitions, processes, and formulas; major eras and events on a timeline.

 •   Review and Drill.  Buy or make your own fact sheets or flash cards which contain the kernels of information to be remembered in a subject. See Newsletter #184 for suggestions for incorporating a short study or review time in the basics each day.

     Remember that information is repeated at a higher level every few years in most curriculum's scope and sequence, such as the following:
 •   A Beka Scope and Sequence
 •   Bob Jones University Press Scope and Sequence

     So . . . decide if and how you need to finish anything, and then don't worry about the rest!


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