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Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement from a Distinctively Christian Perspective of Home Education
Cindy Short and Sue Welch, Co-Editors

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The Foundation for American Christian Education
Teach your children to reason biblically with principle approach education.
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 •  The Bible as Reader Program
 •  Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary
 •  The Noah Plan . . .
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Helpful Information
    State Homeschool Organizations. How to comply with your state's laws, find a local support group, and receive news from your state.
    Home School Legal Defense Association. Legal representation to protect your right to homeschool.
    National Home Education Research Institute. Reliable research, and technical reports on home education.


from Magnolia & Ivy

"Hospitali-tea," A Unit Study Based on Tea and Hospitality
 •  Study Guide. Accoutrements, vocabulary, activities, and resources
 •  Activity Book. "A Time for Tea: Then and Now "
 •  Teaching Tape. History of Tea; types of tea, and tea etiquette
(800) 233-2619
    Ask about our special blend of Hospitali-tea.


Steward Ship Unit Studies

"Everything You Need To Know About Homeschool
Unit Studies"

    Unit Studies...Easy? Yes!
    Author Jennifer Steward shows you how to simplify teaching and get more done in less time in her newly revised and expanded book.
    This exciting learning sticks as you explore God's world and accomplish academic goals in a delightful manner!

Free Shakespeare Unit Study


Ask Dr. Callahan

Complete High School
Math Courses:

 •  New! Calculus
 •  Algebra II with Trigonometry
 •  Coming Soon – Geometry
    These courses will develop your child’s skill in math and prepare him for higher levels of high school or college math.
 •  Guaranteed to increase SAT/ACT math scores
 •  DVD teaching videos by Dr. Dale Callahan
 •  College-level textbooks for better explanations
 •  Free U.S. shipping


How Great Thou Art

Give Your Children
an Excellent Art Education
with How Great Thou Art
    Choose from 14 curriculums that teach students of all ages the fundamentals of drawing, painting, color theory, and art appreciation.
    Quality supplies also available.
    See art gallery, sample lessons, and class schedules at:


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Sunnyside Up

Something's Fishy
    Curtis was asking his grandfather where his ancestors came from. My father-in-law answered, "They came from Wales."
    Curtis, who had been informed about the creation vs. evolution controversy, looked and sounded quite indignant as he replied, "They did not come from whales; they came from God!"
    Laura E., Tennessee


God Loves You.
    Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus Christ died in our place, then rose to life again. If we trust Him as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
    "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast." (Eph. 2:8, 9)
Plan of Salvation


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101 Great Things To Do This Summer!
Summer Newsletter Series / #61 – #70 in This Issue
See past issues.


     In this newsletter you will find ten more ideas for great things that your family can do this summer.

Parade of Resources
     During this month of August, we will also send you approximately five e-mails each week, featuring resources for your consideration which may be helpful to your homeschooling.

     Have a wonderful summer with your family!

The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian

The Teaching Home is a home-school, family-run business operated in our home since 1980.

#61.  Learn To Throw a Frisbee

     A Frisbee (also called a flying disc) is something that anyone, old or young, can have fun throwing in their own backyard or a park.

 •   Always keep a Frisbee available in your car.
 •   Learn the basic throws and catches.
 •   Learn how to play the team sport Ultimate Frisbee.
 •   Find a Disc Golf course and learn how to play.


62. Take Tea

     A tea is a special treat to prepare for your family and friends. It can be simple or elaborate, served as a lunch, an afternoon tea, or even a party.

 •   Start with a pot of tea!
 •   Use your nicest tablecloths, dishes, and fresh flowers.
 •   Make a variety of small tea sandwiches.
 •   Accompany with fresh fruit.
 •   Serve scones with whipped or clotted cream and jam.
 •   Finish with a selection of dainty desserts.
 •   See more recipes and ideas.

     " Tea and Hospitality" is a home school unit study based on the topic of tea.


63. Teach Your Children To Cook

     Your children probably know a lot about cooking just from watching and helping you in the kitchen. However, they might also profit from some formal teaching.

 •   Teach your older children cooking techniques and your younger children about reading recipes, measuring, kitchen safety, cooking terms, and food safety.

 •   Help each child learn to cook a few of his own specialties. Then, if you keep the ingredients on hand, each one can do dinner for you on one of your busy school days next year!

     Skills you will teach along with cooking include math (quantities, measurements, doubling, fractions, etc.), culture (ethnic foods), organization (good work habits), following directions, and responsibility (cleanup).


64. Witness to Someone Each Week

     Witnessing is simply sharing the good news of salvation with others. It is a part of fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission (Mark 16:15). Don't wait until you become an expert; just go out and do it!

 •   Revolutionize your vision and methods of evangelism by listening to or reading " Hell's Best Kept Secret." Find out what you need to tell someone before they can appreciate and want to accept the "good news" of the Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1)

 •   Write out a 2-3 sentence testimony and practice saying it naturally.
     Example: "When I realized that I had broken God's law and was a sinner, I gratefully accepted the free salvation that Jesus Christ offered me." Then quote John 3:16 and extend an invitation by saying, "If you repent (turn from your sin) and trust in Him, God will give you everlasting life."

 •   Learn how to use tracts, like the Billion Dollar Bill, and other resources. Also see booklets, tracts & witnessing tools from Answers in Genesis.

 •   Pray that the Lord will bring someone into your life each week that you can witness to -- and He will!

 •   Continue to pray that the seeds of God's Word you have planted will be watered by others and bear eternal fruit.


65. Do Daily Spelling

     Learn to spell one word each day, chosen from your reading or writing or from the websites below.

 •   300 Most Commonly Used Words, making up 65% of written material.

 •   The 1,000 most commonly used words.

     For tips on how to teach spelling and methods of studying spelling words, see Newsletter #32.


66. Listen To Your Child Read

     For a child that is still learning to read, it is very helpful for you to sit down with him and listen to him read a little bit each day. He will profit from the practice, and you can encourage him, catch any mistakes he makes, and become aware of gaps in his reading skills.

 •   Select good books at an appropriate reading level (see Newsletter #158).
     Note: Many of the library's easy readers may not be good for your child to read; nonfiction books may be safer, but watch for nonbiblical elements of evolution, humanism, occultism, modern youth culture, and psychology.

 •   Check comprehension by asking questions and having your child retell in his own words a portion he has read.


67. Visit a Historic Site

     Visit a nearby historic site on a trip or outing.

 •   Find a list of National Parks with historic significance.
 •   Find historic places on the National Register in
     your area.
 •   Research the site on the Internet before you visit.
 •   Check out 115 lesson plans based on historic places, including informational reading, photos, maps, questions, and activities.

     You might gather information about some sites that would be good for a field trip during the school year. Don't worry — your children will enjoy their second visit as much or more than their first!


68. Establish a Family "Huddle"

     A huddle is when a team gathers together, usually in a tight circle, to strategize, motivate, and/or celebrate.

     Before or after evening devotions is a good time to go over the next day's:
 •   Schedule - Appointments, school time, errands, etc.
 •   Goals - Choose three or so things to be accomplished.
 •   Assignments - What each person will do to reach goals.

     Just a few minutes of planning and sharing of plans will help your family be focused for achievement the next day. This will contribute to restful minds before bedtime and a peaceful flow of events upon rising.

     Your huddle will also provide you with specific prayer requests so that you can ask for the Lord's promised wisdom, strength, and provision for your efforts.


69. Buy Back-to-School Supplies

     Part of the fun of starting a fresh new school year is the school supplies. These do not need to be many and expensive, but a few quality items will help things go more smoothly when you do start your classes.

     Check to see if you have or need any of the following. Then assemble everything together (a place for everything) and you're ready to go.

 •   Math flash cards
 •   Up-to-date globe and maps of the world, U.S., etc.
 •   Good, easy-to-use and/or children's dictionary
     Also: Websters 1828 Dictionary
     or a one- or two-volume dictionary/encyclopedia
 •   Quality rulers and compass from drafting or art store
 •   Lined and art paper (check quality of bargain materials)
 •   Looseleaf or spiral bound notebooks with dividers
 •   Sewn composition books
 •   Manual pencil sharpener, mounted level on the wall
 •   Good quality pencils, erasers, pens
 •   Art supplies
 •   Educational games (check in thrift stores)


70. Set Up Your School Space

 •   Determine what space you will use for school. This may vary from subject to subject or from child to child, but might include:
 - Kitchen table for math and writing.
 - Couches in living room for multi-age classes or reading.
 - Computer stations.
 - Desk for older child's independent study.

 •   Also establish space where those not in school (preschoolers, husbands with a day off, etc.) can be free to enjoy themselves without disturbing students.

 •   Set aside space for school and reference books, supplies, and records:
 - Use shelves, drawers, or sturdy plastic crates or boxes
 - Label clearly (with a child's name, subject, or item) so
     everyone knows where to return things
 -  Ensure spaces are easily accessible and ample enough
     to add more items without crowding.

     Find many innovative and practical ideas in " Storage Strategies for Homeschool Families."


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