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                 Information, Inspiration, and Encouragement
    From a Distinctively Christian Perspective of Home Education
Cindy Short and Sue Welch, Co-Editors   /

Table of Contents

What We Can Learn from Our Readers About . . .
     1.  Overcoming Perfectionism
     2.  Confirmation and Encouragement from Others --
          and from the Lord!
     3.  Home Schooling an Only Child
     4.  Reaching Out to New Home Schoolers
     5.  A Father's Influence in Our Home School
     6.  Carefully Guarding Your Marriage
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     Letters are a valuable form of communication.  The author
expresses his thoughts in a personal, yet focused, manner that
can be shared with many others far and wide.

     In this issue we share some timeless letters from our
readers from a back issue of The Teaching Home.  These writers
have addressed important issues with insight that can only come
through personal experience.  In fact, two writers have asked
that their names be withheld because of the sensitive concerns
about which they write.

     We received the following letter concerning our last
newsletter.  If you missed issue #132 on Support, you can read it

     Dear Publisher,
          I just wanted to thank you for the articles in your most
     recent e-mail newsletter.  It reminded me of where my
     strength and purpose comes from -- the Lord.
          Typically when my schedule gets hectic (when is it not?),
     the first things that goes is quality time spent in Bible study
     and prayer.  Your article was just the wakeup call I needed.
          May God keep and bless you all,
          Kelli L., Woodbridge, Connecticut

     May the Lord bless you and your family for His glory.

The Pat Welch Family, Publishers
Pat, Sue, Heather, Holly, and Brian
The Teaching Home is a home-school, family-run business
operated in our home since 1980.


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What We Can Learn from Pat in California About . . .

Overcoming Perfectionism

     God has a way of working ultraperfectionism out of our
lives.  This is good because it steals our joy.

     One way God has worked in my life is through our four
children.  Out oldest is 7 and our youngest is 4 months, so it's
pretty hard to keep an immaculate house.

     I realize now that a clean house is not everything.  The
Lord showed me that the desire for everything to be spotless had
a lot to do with pride.

     Home schooling our children is more important than having a
house shining clean with everything in order.  I have even grown
to love our schoolroom with all its clutter after a busy day of

     The unexpected visitor might not see my furniture sparkle,
but that's okay, because I see a sparkle they don't see -- the
sparkle in the eyes of our 7-year-old when he finally understands
the math concept we had been working on so hard.  Then I thrill
to hear our 5-year-old say, "I love this, Mommy.  Can I read
another page?"

     I am glad that I feel so free in the area of housework.
However, I sometimes notice that perfectionism is creeping into
our home schooling.

     Our lives have been so busy over this past six months with
the death of my mother-in-law, the birth of our fourth baby,
months of working hard and late with church commitments, chicken
pox, etc.  It just goes on and on.

     I noticed that when things seemed tough I would think, I
just won't school tomorrow.  When I realized this, I wondered

     Then I realized that with my home schooling, I expected
conditions to be perfect.

     But I needed to incorporate home schooling no matter what
the conditions.

     I enjoy the smooth times, but now I have learned to do
school when I'm nine months pregnant on the couch with feet
up, when there has been no sleep the night before, when our
hearts are filled with grief, and with a busy toddler.

     When things get a little rough around here, home schooling
is no longer the first thing thrown out.  I know it's what God
has called me to do.  And I no longer expect perfect conditions.

What We Can Learn from Pamela in Michigan About . . .

Confirmation and Encouragement from Others --
and from the Lord!

     We enjoy The Teaching Home very much; it is a blessing and
encouragement and an essential teaching tool.

     As we started home schooling four years ago, our daughter
read a cover story in your magazine and said, "Oh, so you do know
something about this."  It was a huge encouragement to me that
the family pictured on the cover did things very similarly to our
own school, and our put-together curriculum was acquired in much
the same manner.

     I'm so thankful for the blessing of home education.  I
hadn't know exactly how to home school, but God helped us through
our baby steps by surrounding us with a prayer-filled support
group and leading us to curriculum, if not actually placing it in
our possession.

     During our second year, our daughter had just turned 10.  A
private-schooled teen complimented her (after asking her age) by
observing, "She's so mature."

     The compliments are a great encouragement, but I think my
favorite thing is when God answers prayer and makes provisions
for my shortcomings.  Than I am truly blessed.

     When my strength and energy give out or when I lack wisdom,
He picks me up and carries me or makes a way where I see none.


  K. Ham, D. Barton, D. Nobel

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What We Can Learn from Jeanette in Illinois About . . .

Home Schooling an Only Child

     When we first heard about home schooling, we were interested
because we enjoyed our daughter's company.  But we thought it
wouldn't be possible with only one child in our home.  By God's
leading and grace, however, we have completed our seventh year of
teaching Sarah at home.

     One of the benefits we have experienced is being able to be
involved in church ministries as a family.  While my husband,
James, teaches the Bible lesson in children's church, Sarah
displays the flannelgraphs which she has prepared.  She helps
when we have a craft, and she is our pianist when we sing.

     We also lead an after-school Bible club.  In addition to
playing the piano there, Sarah teaches the memory verse for each
week and leads the sword drill for one group of children.

     Sarah and I stay with my invalid father each Tuesday so
Mother can go out.  We take "school" along; Sarah benefits from
Dad's knowledge and love of history.  We always learn about
patience, respect, and serving others.

     We have had to be diligent in assigning regular daily chores
to Sarah as well as including her in major tasks like
wallpapering and painting.  It is a temptation to just do things
ourselves, but we know she must be trained in these as well as in
academic skills.

     We have learned not to become too busy, even with attractive
field trips.  There is a temptation to go just for companionship,
and we do need and enjoy that fellowship of other home schoolers;
however, we try to select only a few events each year.  We find
that some places, such as museums, are best visited as a family.

     James teaches German to Sarah, which gives her a break from
me teaching all the time.

     Sarah has sometimes wished for more friends, but she says
she doesn't think good friendships would be made in public
school.  It is my privilege to be her confidante and counselor.

     Our church family has been important to us, even though all
the children attend public school.  Sarah has many surrogate
siblings there.

     We would love to have more children, but it seems that God,
in His wisdom, has had another plan.  Our goal is that Sarah would
become a godly woman with a servant's heart.  We look forward to
many grandchildren!

What We Can Learn from
an Anonymous Home Schooler About . . .

Reaching Out to New Home Schoolers

     My husband and I were alone in our decision to teach at
home, so we eagerly looked forward to the local home-school
support group's curriculum exchange in the park.  I anticipated
meeting like-minded people and making some friends.

     When I arrived, everyone was happily talking to one another,
and I became more uncomfortable as the day went on without anyone
greeting me or asking my name.

     I introduced myself to two women, talked a little, and left
feeling sad because of the advice, tips, and kinship I didn't find.

     Later, as I helped a few women starting out, they happened
to mention being discouraged after a similar experience with the
local support group.  Three years later I am enjoying friendships
among these precious women.  But I needed it so much more in the

     Please reach out to the new ones who show up at your support
group events.  It's easy to forget in our busyness how insecure
and lonely it is for the beginning home schooler.

     Contact a state home-school organization in your state to get
a list of local support groups.  See:


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What We Can Learn from Rhonda in North Carolina About . . .

A Father's Influence in Our Home School

     Many moms have asked me how my husband is involved in our
home school.

     He does not do any of the academic teaching, but he is the
spiritual leader and godly example for our children to follow.

     Together he and I rise at 5:30 a.m. to have our personal
prayer time.  (I am not a morning person at all, but it is the
only time that works consistently for us.)

     Our children's alarm clocks are set for 6:00 a.m.  (We have
four children, ages 10, 7, 4, and 2.)  If they should get up
before their alarm, they know that while they can park on our
bed, they have to remain quiet until we are done talking to God.

     At 6:10 a.m. Dad get ready for work while I get the children
started eating their breakfasts.  Daddy is ready to read the
Bible aloud at the breakfast table about 6:40.  While our
children finish eating, he reads one chapter to them from the New
or Old Testament as well as a Psalm.  Our children are expected
to pay attention because Dad will be asking them a couple of

     When everyone is done eating, we recite our Bible memory
verses.  Dad leads us in learning a new verse each week as well
as in reviewing about  a dozen more.  (Our children find it much
easier to memorize than Mom and Dad do!)

     Even though he is not at home from 7:10 a.m. to about 6:00
p.m., my husband still makes his presence felt.  Our children
know that Mom is to be obeyed in all matters or they will hear
about it from Dad.  He leaves messages on the computer such as,
"Do a good job in school today.  Obey your mom, and be good
children.  I love you very much."

     If a child really feels the need to communicate something of
immediate importance, he can call the office and leave a message
on Dad's answering machine.  He checks his messages before
leaving work so as to be able to pray in the car and be ready to
deal with home pressures or concerns.

     My husband leads our family devotions before our 8:00 p.m.
bedtime.  He gathers the little ones around and reads the Bible
lesson to them from a children's picture Bible.  Then he leads us
in praying for an unreached people group or country from "You Can
Change the World."

     This has really turned our children's eyes and hearts toward
missions as well as taught them a lot of world geography.  Each
one prays in turn before hugs and kisses and lights out.

     My husband really becomes the teacher when our family goes
on vacation.  He plans our routes so as to stop at historical
sites, state parks, science centers, and other points of local

     Dad points out the landmarks, helps our children sound out
difficult names on plaques, and ties new information in to what
we have previously visited or studied.  This gives me a break and
a chance to listen to our children's responses to see what they
have retained.

     While my husband lets me make all the decisions on
curriculum to buy and books to study, he lets me know that he is
willing to give his advice if I need it.  He reads "The Teaching
Home" and other materials, noting things I should consider before
teaching or purchasing.

     He also makes a point of being home on the night our support
group meets so that I can attend.  He encourages me, holds me up
in prayer, and serves as my front line of defense against people
who are hostile to home schooling.

     I thank the Lord for such a godly husband and father for our

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What We Can Learn from
an Anonymous Home Schooler About . . .

Carefully Guarding Your Marriage

     This is a very hard subject for me to talk about, but as a
home-school mom, I feel that other families may benefit from my
experience concerning the importance of our marriages.

     My husband and I have been married for 10 years, have three
daughters, and have been home schooling for four years.

     Last May my husband and another home-school mom began to
show indications of "feelings" toward one another.  I picked up
on it quickly.

     After three months of a lot of deception, misunderstanding,
pain, and learning to wholly lean on God my Savior, I found
enough courage to tell my husband that this "friendship" could
not continue.

     God has miraculously restored us to a marriage that is
better than it has ever been before.

     My purpose for writing is to let others know that whatever
your responsibilities are for your home, church, business,
school, etc., you need to gather the tools to build a lasting
marital relationship that includes romantic love for your mates.

     We have found that Mom and Dad need time alone together each
week to communicate.

     Don't let the mundane routine of daily responsibilities rob
you of your opportunity to show honor to each other as partners
in this life, but let each other know by your words, actions, and
attention that you place high value on your spouse.

     My suggestions are, as our pastor so frankly, but accurately,
put it:

     1.  Be fearful of the consequences of destroying the trust
in your marriage by participating in a friendship with the
opposite sex outside of your marriage.

     2.  Be aware of your own vulnerability.  No one is immune to
Satan's all-out attack on the Christian home and family.

     3.  Form protective hedges around your marriage.  Pray daily
with your spouse for God to bless and keep your marriage and to
bind the enemy and any one or any thing that would come between
you in your marital relationship.

     4.  Be satisfied with the ordinary.  Be thankful in your
daily routine of serving the needs of your family.  (If you were
married to anyone else, you would still have the same unglamorous

     5.  Remember, God will not tolerate unfaithfulness to your
marriage covenant.  You made your vows before Him, and He will
judge all who trespass against them.  (Look at the life of King

     As I mentioned, this is not an easy subject, but if it will
save someone else the hurt and pain we've experienced and help
them to build a stronger, happier marriage, I will be faithful to
the Lord by sharing it.

     Dr. Willard F. Harley, author of "His Needs, Her Needs,"
identifies the most common "love busters" in marriage
(or any relationship) as selfish demands, disrespectful
judgments, angry outbursts, annoying habits, independent
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overcome marital conflicts and some of the quickest ways to
restore love at:


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Sunnyside Up: That's Logical
     Our two boys and I often have lively discussions in the car
when going on errands.  I look upon these times as opportunities
to teach.  One day, after shooing a bee out of the car, we began
on the subject of bees.
     "Honey bees make honey," 7-year-old Jordan wisely informed
his brother.  After digesting this bit of information, 5-year-old
Jarrod said in a voice full of wonder, "Then bubble bees must
make bubbles!"
     Submitted by Pam S., Trevor, Wisconsin


God Loves You.
     Because we have been separated from God by sin, Jesus
Christ died in our place, then rose to life again.  If we trust
Him as our Savior and Lord, He will give us eternal life.
     "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that
not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of
works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8, 9).


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