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Topical Index of Back Issues
1994 - January/February 2001

     This Topical Index lists all of the Special Section articles, Teaching Tips, and Columns from the last 39 Back Issues of The Teaching Home. It does not list the letters in Our Readers Write, Cover Stories, News, and Sunny Side Up that are found in every issue.
     Special Sections (usually 8-12 pages in each issue) are listed in bold type with articles listed under the heading.
     When you click on a topic, you will be taken to that part of the index. You may then click on "Back to Top" to resume your search of topics.
     You may print this index for your Teaching Home Back Issue Reference Library.
     Please check back on this site for future features: 1) A formatted file of this index that will take less pages to print and 2) An index of articles by issue.

Around The World Art & Music
Book Reviews Character Church
Calendar of Events Communication Computers
Early Childhood Encouragement
Farris, Michael
Fathers Field Trips Foreign Languages
Getting Started, Government,
Health & P.E.
High School/College History
Holidays And Special Occasions
Language Arts Leadership
Learning Styles Life Skills Mathmatics
Miscellaneous Motivation Organization
Philosophy Reading & Literature Science
Socialization Special Needs
Spiritual Study Skills Summer
Support Groups Teaching Styles, Thinking Skills
TV & Video Unit Studies
Around the World
Supporting Home Schoolers in Other Countries (May/June 1999)
Home Schooling in Mexico (Jan./Feb. 1999)
National Home School in Mexico (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Lessons from the Swiss (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Home Schooling in South Africa and Switzerland (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Home Schoolers in South Africa and Rwanda (May/June 1994)

Art & Music
Teaching Art: Beginning Painting (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Teaching Art: Beginning Drawing (Summer 2000)
Teaching Art: Art History (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Teach Your Children To Draw (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Music (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Leaf Projects (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Discernment in Music (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Nature Friend: You Can Draw a Beagle Puppy (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Teaching Art and Music (Sept./Oct. 1994)
     What Is Art?
     Art and Music: A World View Perspective
     Teaching Art to Our Children
     An Art Time Line
     Elements of Art & Principles of Design
     Art Adds Interest to Any Study
     Using Art with Other Subjects
     Developing Early Art Skills
     Advice to Aspiring Artists
     Visiting an Art Museum
     Steps in the History of Music
     Music Lessons
     Basics of Music Education
     A Listener's Guide to Learning About Music
     Attending a Concert
     Elements of Music
     Evaluating Christian Music
     Songs in the Night
     Sing unto the Lord
Music Appreciation (Jan./Feb. 1994)

Early Childhood: Bible Teaching (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Schedules for Reading Through the Bible in a Year (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Read the Bible in a Year (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Bible Memory Visual Aid (May/June 1999)
Bible Study (May/June 1998)
Prayer Reminders (May/June 1998)
Teaching Bible (Jan./Feb. 1998)
     Fathers, Teach Your Children the Bible
     How We Help Our Children Love the Bible
     Our One Goal—To Know God
     Bible Memorization for Character Training
     Help Your Child To Understand the Bible
     Benefits of God's Word
     Fill Your Home with God's Word
     Why Hymns?
     How To Spend Meaningful Time in God's Word
     Study the Bible with the Inductive Method
     Disciple Your Child
     Use the Bible in School Subjects
     Reach Your Bible Knowledge Goals
     Teach Bible Basics
     Bible for Young Children
     Tips for Bible Memory (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Family Bible Read-a-Thon (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Ideas for Children's Devotions (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Homemade Bible Story Tapes (May/June 1997)
Bible and Reading (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Teaching Children to Pray (July/Aug. 1996)
Home School P.C.: Bible Games (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Beginning Bible Verses (July/Aug. 1994)

Book Reviews
The Battle Intensifies: Review of New Books (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Francis Schaeffer: Standing Boldly on the Bible (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Best Friends for Life (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Home Schooling Children with Special Needs (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Government Nannies (Mar./Apr. 1995)

Calendar of Events
Calendar Events (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Calendar Events (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Calendar Events (July/Aug. 1998)
Calendar Events (May/June 1998)
Calendar Events (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Calendar Events (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Calendar Events (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Calendar Events (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Calendar Events (July/Aug. 1997)
Calendar Events (May/June 1997)
Calendar Events (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Calendar Events (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Calendar Events (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Calendar Events (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Calendar Events (July/Aug. 1996)
Calendar Events (May/June 1996)
Calendar Events (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Calendar Events (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Calendar Events (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Calendar Events (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Calendar Events (July/Aug. 1995)
Calendar Events (May/June 1995)
Calendar Events (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Calendar Events (Jan./Feb. 1995)
Calendar Events (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Calendar Events (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Calendar Events (July/Aug. 1994)
Calendar Events (May/June 1994)
Calendar Events (Mar./Apr. 1994)
Calendar Events (Jan./Feb. 1994)

The Third Commandment (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Character Training & Social Development (Summer 2000)
     How To train Our Children in Christlike Character
     Character Qualities
     Love Is the Goal
     Reading Shapes a Child's Character
     Effective Methods for Training Character
     What About Socialization?
     The Body of Christ: Model for relationships
     Check List of Social Skills
     Mind Your Manners!
     Manners Demonstrate Character
     Our Challenge
Let's Be Peacemakers (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Families of Faith (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Review: Giants of the Faith on CD-ROM (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Life-Changing Learning (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Humility: An Attitude Worth Seeking (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Learning to Live by Faith (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Teaching Manners (July/Aug. 1998)
Drudgery, Dying, Discipleship (July/Aug. 1998)
Building Character on Your Knees (May/June 1998)
Joy Cometh in the Morning (May/June 1998)
Etiquette as Character Training (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Etiquette as Character Training (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Daily Character Check List (Jan./Feb. 1996)
How To Raise Children with Character (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Building Character and Having Fun with Chess (Jan./Feb. 1994)

Our Relation to the Church (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Family Friendly Church (Sept./Oct. 1996)

Training for Debate (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Communicate Biblically (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Meaningful Mealtime Conversation (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Conversation Skills (Mar./Apr. 1995)

Computer Literacy (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Interactive Computing (Summer 2000)
Test Preparation and Study Skills on Computer (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Review: Giants of the Faith on CD-ROM (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Family Computing (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Education Reference Website (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Computers and Thinking Skills (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Health and Computers (July/Aug. 1999)
Science and Computers (May/June 1999)
Virtual Field Trips (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Mathematics and the Computer (Jan./Feb. 1999)
Using the Computer as a Writer's Assistant (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Balancing Personal and Electronic Communication (May/June 1998)
Internet Field Trips (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Computers and the Internet (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Using the Computer for Research (July/Aug. 1996)
Tips on Buying a Computer (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Home School P.C.: Bible Games (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Home School P.C.: Computer Room Organization (July/Aug. 1995)
Computer: Learn To Use; Use To Learn (May/June 1995)
     Uses for Your Family's Computer
     Selecting a Computer
     Answering Computer Concerns
     Getting Connected
     Alternatives to Computer Ownership
     Software Selection Guidelines
     Staying in Balance

Make Contests a Learning Experience (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Why Include Contests in Your Home School? (Nov./Dec.1997)

Early Childhood
Early Childhood: Bible Teaching (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Early Childhood: Language Arts (Summer 2000)
Early Childhood: Importance of Play (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Activities for Preschoolers (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Early Childhood Home Education (July/Aug. 1999)
Preschool Science (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Teaching Preschoolers at Home (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Language Arts for the Very Young (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Laying the Foundation: Babies, Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten (July/Aug. 1996)
     Establishing a Positive Perspective
     Seeing the World from a Child's-Eye View
     Nurturing Tender Hearts
     Occupying Busy Bodies
     Training Emerging Character
     Easing into Home Schooling with Preschool
     Teaching Inquisitive Minds
     Language Arts
     Art and Music
     Social Studies and Science
     Health, Safety, and P.E.
Home-School Preschool (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Early Childhood Education (Mar./Apr. 1994)
     Biblical Training
     Practical Ideas for Teaching Children To Memorize Scripture
     Goals and Objectives of Early Childhood Education
     Home Teaching with Toddlers & Babies

Tips from Veteran Home-School Moms (Nov./Dec. 1999)
The Flexibility of Home Education (July/Aug. 1999)
Successful Home Schooling (May/June 1999)
Ways to Say “Very Good” (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Who Thanks the Real Heroes? (Nov./Dec. 1995)
How To Say “I Love You” to Your Children (Jan./Feb.1995)

Families of Faith (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Family Relationships (Nov./Dec. 1999)
     The Marriage Relationship: Keys to Marital Harmony
     Characteristics of Godly Marriage
     Child Training: The Biblical Process for Training Godly Children
     Objectives of Christian Child Training
     Steps for Solving Behavior Problems
     Balanced Parenting
     Family Relationships: The Language of Love
     Christian Family Values
     Daily Family Worship
     Sibling Relationships: Ten Ways Older Can Influence Younger
     Principles of Sibling Harmony
     The Best Investment a Father Can Make
     Keeping the Sibling Peace
     Extended Family
     Struggles and Successes: A Few Family Snapshots (July/Aug. 1999)
A Fruitful Family (Jan./Feb. 1999)
Home Schooling as Discipleship (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Family History (July/Aug. 1997)
Changing the Heart of a Rebel (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Extended Family (Nov./Dec. 1995)
     The Gift of Godly Grandparents
     Extended Family as a Learning Resource
     Blessings from “Distant” Relatives
     Addressing Our Relatives' Concerns
     Keeping in Touch
     Creative Communication with Senior Adults
     Grandparents Share
     Teaching Hlep Mutually Enjoyed
     Memories To Last a Lifetime
     Thank You, Mom
     Grandmother Launches Family's Home Education
     Relatives Read Spelling Tests
     Penpals with Grandpa
     Learning Old Skills
     Next Door Grandparents
     Grandma's Bike-Mobile
     Everyone Is Involved
     Story-Starting Activities
Meaningful Mealtime Conversation (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Student Assistant for Toddler (July/Aug. 1995)
Sibling Relationships and Family Unity (Mar./Apr. 1995)
The Hard Part: Living Transparently Before Your Children (Jan./Feb. 1994)

Michael Farris
Encouraging Tomorrow's Leaders (Summer 2000)
Home-School Freedom Works (Jan./Feb. 2000)
These Education Officials Still Don't Get It (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Deconstruction Dads (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Balancing Our Strengths and Weaknesses (July/Aug. 1999)
Waiting on Tables--Reaping Eternal Rewards (May/June 1999)
Responsibility, Reputation & Freedom (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Home Schooling in Mexico (Jan./Feb. 1999)
Humility: An Attitude Worth Seeking (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Relative Freedom & Responsible Liberty (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Eagle's Wings: Rising Above Problems (July/Aug. 1998)
Excited Girls and Establishment Bigotry (May/June 1998)
The Revolutionary Nature of Home Schooling (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Socialization Skills When the Classroom Is at Home (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Children: Burdens or Blessings? (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Freedom and Self-Government Under God: A Lost Vision? (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Giving Roots to Love (July/Aug. 1997)
Just the Facts (May/June 1997)
Missions, Memories, and a Movement (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Concerns about Election Results (Jan./Feb. 1997)
A Thorough Course of Instruction (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Hurricanes and Storytellers (Sept./Oct. 1996)
The Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and the PRRA (July/Aug. 1996)
The Price of Home-School Freedoms (May/June 1996)
Fathers: Fulfill Your Role as Legal Protector (Mar./Apr. 1996)
A Home-Grown Case for Freedom (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Who Thanks the Real Heroes? (Nov./Dec. 1995)
God Directs the Affairs of Your Family (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Compulsory Attendance in a War Zone (July/Aug. 1995)
Oklahoma Bombing: Voices of Hate, Voices of Blame (May/June 1995)
It's Time To Abolish the Federal Rode in Education (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Conservative Campaign Celebrations Create Cheerfulness (Jan./Feb. 1995)
Lessons from the Swiss (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Should We Panic? Never! (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Voicing Opposition to Supreme Court Nominee Breyer (July/Aug. 1994)
Freedom Works: Ask Home Schoolers (May/June 1994)
Homier Than Thou (Mar./Apr. 1994)
Disappointed But Not Ashamed (Jan./Feb. 1994)

Deconstruction Dads (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Whose School Is This? (July/Aug. 1998)
Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Father's Role in Home Education: The Leader (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Father's Role in Home Education: Protector (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Father's Role in Home Education: Motivator (July/Aug. 1997)
Father's Role in Home Education: Teacher (May/June 1997)
Father's Role in Home Education: The Disciplinarian (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Father's Role in Home Education: The Provider (Jan./Feb. 1997)
A Father's Leadership Style (May/June 1996)
Fathers: Fulfill Your Role as Legal Protector (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Fathers' Roles in Home Education (Nov./Dec. 1994)
     The “Hands-On” Dad
     Father, Are You the “B.O.S.S.” in Your Home School?
     Becoming More Involved as a Home-School Father
     Fathers' Forum
     Inventory for Fathers
     Practical Ideas for Fathers
     How Can a Wife Support a Home-School Father?
     Tribute to a Father's Contribution
     Resources for Home-School Fathers

Field Trips
Field Trips (Mar./Apr. 1999)
     Choosing Field Trips
     State History Field Trip Series
     Field Trips with Purpose
     Multi-Subject Learning at the Zoo
     Group or Family Field Trips?
     Field Trips Complement Studies
     How To Arrange a Field Trip
     Becoming Historians
     Attending a Concert
     Going to an Art Exhibit
     Educational Activities for Field Trips
     Appropriate Behavior for Field Trips
     Time Out for Misbehavior
     Field Trip Ideas
     Where To Find More Field Trip Ideas
Virtual Field Trips (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Internet Field Trips (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Successful Field Trips (Nov./Dec. 1995)

Foreign Languages
Recipes Flavor Foreign Language Study (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Teaching Foreign Languages (Jan./Feb. 1995)
     Who Needs a Foreign Language?
     Foreign Languages Made Easier
     Language Study
     The Case for Hebrew, Greek, and Latin
     Creating a Language Notebook
     Lunch and Language with Friends
     Three Approaches to Language Study
     20 Practical Tips for Foreign Language Study
     Dare To Dabble in Foreign Languages
     How To Be Friendly in Five Languages
     Tips for Learning Languages
     Why Are You Studying a Foreign Language?

Geography in the Car (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Geography and Missions (Nov./Dec. 1997)
     How We Study Geography
     Geographical Skills Checklist
     How To Study Various Aspects of Geography
     Geography Club
     Learning Geography with Map Activities
     Wall Maps Make Geography a Natural Part of Everyday Life
     Around the World in a School Year!
     Operation World: Teach Geography with Meaning and a Mission
     The Worldwide Persecution of Christians
     Developing a Missionary Vision
     How To Support Your Home-School Missionary Friends
     Geography Teaching Tips
Resources Maps and Time Lines (Sept./Oct. 1995)

Getting Started
Home-School Basics (Jan./Feb. 2001)
     Setting Goals for Excellence
     20 Elements of Success in Christian Home Education
     Educational Approaches and Methods
     Teaching Several Children at Once
     Combining Methods & Materials
     Teaching Academic Basics
     Educational Media
     Home-School Support
     Evaluate Curriculum from a Christian World View
     Organization and Planning
     Child Training
     Checklist for Starting a School Year
Help for New Home Schoolers (Summer 2000)
Elements of Successful Christian Home Education (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Checklist for Starting Home-School Year (July/Aug. 1999)
Elements of Successful Home Schooling (Jan./Feb. 1999)
10 Things I Wish I Had Known (July/Aug. 1998)
Choosing Curriculum (Mar./Apr. 1998)
     Learn About Different Educational Approaches
     Make a Plan: Mix Your Own Unique Customized Curriculum
     Know Your Students: Identify Their Personal Learning Styles
     Five Models of Learning Styles
     Five Children: Five Personalities
     Take Stock: Evaluate Your Present Needs and Resources
     Make a Choice: Select from Available Quality Materials
     Evaluate Curriculum from a Christian Viewpoint
Our Home-School Goals (May/June 1997)
     Goal Planning: Integrating All Areas of Learning
     Preparing for the 21st Century: Seven Resolves
     Setting Goals for Toddlers and Preschoolers
     Action Plan: How To Reach a Goal
     Goal Setting Step by Step
     Gaining a Vision
     Keeping Your Focus: Developing and Following a Plan
     When a Goal Is Too High
     How To Set Goals
     What To Do When Discouragement Hits
     Setting and Achieving Goals—Even When Things Don't Go Right
     “Our Home-School Goals”
Elements of Successful Christian Home Education (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Checklist for Starting a Home-School Year (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Elements of Successful Christian Home Education (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Back to Home School Checklist (July/Aug. 1995)
Getting Started—Your First or Any Home-School Year (July/Aug. 1994)

Government/Political Process (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Lobbying by Letter (Jan./Feb. 1999)
Home-School Ambassadors (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Concerns about Election Results (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Get Students Involved in Election Process (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Getting Out the Vote (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Election Unit (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Government & Political Action (May/June 1994)
     The Father's Role in Teaching Government
     Our Heritage of Freedom
     Federalist Papers: Background for Understanding Constitution
     Preparing for Political Action
     Prayer and Preaching: History's Best Change Agents
     Teaching Political Discernment
     Steps to Political Action
     Local Civics
     Prayer and Personal Action: The Other Side of Political Action
     Government (What To Teach)
     Three Branches of Government
     How a Bill Becomes a Law
     Political Action (What To Do)
     Effective Lobbying
     Directory of Government Officials

Health & P.E.
Health & P.E. (July/Aug. 1999)
     Principles of Godly Health Maintenance
     Ten Elements of Good Health
     Nutrition Learning Activities
     Seven Steps to Teaching Nutrition
     Health Assessments
     Putting Safety First: Tips for Preventing Accidents
     Teaching About Sex
     Our Bodies: God's Temple
     The Joys of Walking
     Developing an Active Lifestyle
     Stretching for Flexibility and Warm-Ups
     A Variety of Exercise Activities
     How To Create a Personalized Physical Education Program
     Organized Sports
Health and Computers (July/Aug. 1999)
Health Checkups (May/June 1996)
P.E. Teaching Tips (Sept./Oct. 1994)

High School/College
High School & College (Jan./Feb. 2000)
     Teaching Higher math and Science
     Scriptural Goals for High School Subjects
     High School Subjects and Skills
     Documenting Cross-Curriculum Projects
     High School Course Records
     How To Issue a Diploma and Prepare a High School Transcript
     High School Lesson Planning
     Distance Learning
     The ABCs of Testing
     Alternative Ways to Earn College Credit
Teaching Teens to Drive (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Mentoring Your Teen (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Biblical Principles for a Career Calling (Jan./Feb. 1999)
High School Course Design and Record Keeping (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Financial Principles (July/Aug. 1998)
Parent-Taught Driver Education (July/Aug. 1998)
Testimonies from Home-School Graduates (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Book Review: Best Friends for Life (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Career Testing (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Transcript Tips (July/Aug. 1997)
Issuing a Diploma; Preparing a High School Transcript (May/June 1997)
Home Schooling Through High School (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Honoring Home-School Graduates (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Career Training (July/Aug. 1996)
Alternative Ways to Earn College Credit (May/June 1996)
Teens Speak About Their Families and Home Schooling (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Why Home School Teenagers? (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Advice for Teens (July/Aug. 1995)
Exploring Careers (May/June 1995)
College at Home (Jan./Feb. 1995)
Teens & Their Parents (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Review of High School Handbooks (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Teaching Your Teen To Drive (July/Aug. 1994)
Teens & Their Parents (May/June 1994)

Family History (July/Aug. 1997)
Current Events (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Teaching History (Jan./Feb. 1997)
     Teaching History: Why and How
     Why Study History
     Making American History Come Alive Through Settings
     Studying Christian History Through Biographies & Writings
     Historical Fact and Fiction
     Learning History One Story at a Time
     Variety Makes History Interesting
     Making History Memorable
     Developing a Christian World View of History
     National Pride and Guilt: Are They Valid?
     Recovering Our Christian Heritage
     What Is a Hero?
President's Day: George Washington (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Reformation Day (Sept./Oct. 1996)
God's World: An Awesome Picture (July/Aug. 1996)
Teaching History (Jan./Feb. 1996)
God's World News for Kids (Jan./Feb. 1996)
God's World News for Kids (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Commemorative Events: 50th Anniversary of World War II (May/June 1995)
God's World News for Kids (May/June 1995)
God's World News for Kids (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Learning About Our Presidents (Jan./Feb. 1995)
History Tips (Nov./Dec. 1994)
God's World News for Kids (Nov./Dec. 1994)
God's World News for Kids (July/Aug. 1994)
Resources on George Washington (May/June 1994)
God's World News for Kids (Mar./Apr. 1994)
God's World News for Kids (Jan./Feb. 1994)

Holidays and Special Occasions
Easter Activities & Unit Study (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Thanksgiving Unit Study (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Christmas Learning Activities (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Christ-Centered Activities (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Christmas School (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Advent Resources (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Thanksgiving Unit Studies (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas? (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Biblical Love: A Study for Valentine's Day (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Thanksgiving Tips (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Christmas Tips (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Reformation Day (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Fourth of July (May/June 1996)
Nov.: A Month for Praise and Thanksgiving (Sept./Oct. 1995)
What We Do on Halloween (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Ideas for Spring (Mar./Apr. 1994)
Presidents' Day (Jan./Feb. 1994)
Feb. Fun for Young Children (Jan./Feb. 1994)

Language Arts
Early Childhood: Language Arts (Summer 2000)
Enjoying Poetry (Jan./Feb. 1999)
Writing (Nov./Dec. 1998)
     Sharing Our Lives Through Writing
     The Moral of the Story
     Writing To Influence
     Sharpen Your Writing Skills for God's Work
     Reading Aloud: A Foundation for Writing
     Oral Narration: The First Step Toward Writing
     Discussion: Preparation for Thoughtful Writing
     Parents: Models for Writing
     Grammar: A Tool Kit for Writing
     Prepare To Teach Writing
     The Writing Process
     Build Composition Skills
     Teach Your Child To Write a Research Report
     Teach Writing Skills Incrementally
     Some Good Advice for C.S. Lewis
     Improve Writing Through Attention to Details
     Writing Activities and Assignments
     All Kinds of Journals
Using the Computer as a Writer's Assistant (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Steps to Stimulate Writing (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Language Arts for the Very Young (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Poetry Writing (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Dictionary Usage (May/June 1997)
Why We Study Grammar (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Enjoying Poetry (Nov./Dec. 1996)
Spelling (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Phonics (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Spelling (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Language Games (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Teaching Writing (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Parts of Speech Tips (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Using Rhyme as a Memory Aid (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Vocabulary Tip (Jan./Feb. 1994)
Writing Tip (Jan./Feb. 1994)

World-Changing Leadership (Summer 2000)
Encouraging Tomorrow's Leaders (Summer 2000)
Leadership for the New Millennium (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Characteristics of a Good Leader (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Leadership Priorities (July/Aug. 1996)
Spiritual Leadership Is Not Optional (Nov./Dec. 1995)

Learning Styles
Learning Centers for Learning Styles (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Tactile Learner (July/Aug. 1994)

Life Skills
Chore Training (July/Aug. 1999)
Recipes Flavor Foreign Language Study (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Gardening Unit Study (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Financial Principles (July/Aug. 1998)
Home Ec. (July/Aug. 1998)
Libraries: Using Public Libraries; Building Your Home Library (May/June 1998)
     Support Group Libraries
     Alternative Libraries
     The Many Uses of the Public Library
     Cautions at the Library
     A Trip to the Public Library
     Library Etiquette
     Annotated Book Lists
     Teaching Library Skills
     Work To Improve Public Libraries
     Maintaining Good Relationships witht he Public Library
     Why Build a Home Library?
     Books Worth Owning
     Where To Find Books
     Discernment in Selecting Books
     Loaning and Borrowing Books
     Practical Considerations for Choosing Books
     Care and Organization of Books
     Dewey Decimal Classification System
Recipe Notebook (May/June 1994)

Mathematics Tip (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Arithmetic (Jan./Feb. 1999)
     Why We Teach Math
     The Branches of Mathematics
     How To Teach Math: Principles of Instruction, Mastery, Timing
     Over the Hump to Strong Math Skills
     Math Objectives
     Everyday Math
     How To Achieve Accelerated Progress
     How To Teach Beginning Math
     Tools for Teaching Math
     Visualize Concepts with Manipulatives
     Laying the Foundations for Higher Math Reasoning
     Story Problems
     Teaching Higher Math
     Consumer Math Objectives
     Metric as a Second Language
     Math Teaching Tips
     Math Games
     38 Ways To Teach Math
Mathematics and the Computer (Jan./Feb. 1999)
Math Teaching Tips (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Math (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Beginning Numbers Games (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Snack-Budget Math (May/June 1997)
Math Bingo (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Food Fractions (Jan./Feb. 1997)
High School Math/Consumer Math (Jan./Feb. 1996)
     Why Should We Teach Higher Math?
     The Study of Mathematics
     Preparing for Higher Math by Making Math RealĂ…Not Real Hard
     Math for Fun!
     A Balanced Approach to Purposeful Math Teaching
     How Can I Teach Higher Math?
     Household Budget Analysis: Economizing with Consumer Math
     Consumer Math Objective To Prepare Your Child for Life
     Math Teaching Tips
Five Stepping Stones to Higher Math (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Math Tips (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Math Drills (July/Aug. 1995)
Number Recognition and Order (May/June 1995)
Help with Fractions (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Early Math Tips (Mar./Apr. 1994)

Playmates (July/Aug. 1999)
Safety (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Preschool Mementos (Nov./Dec. 1998)
What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Finishing the School Year (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Work Before Play (July/Aug. 1996)
Telephones and Children (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Studies at a Cemetery (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Senior Citizen Survey (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Stain Removal (May/June 1994)

How To Motivate Your Child To Learn (Mar./Apr. 1996)
     Using the Three Levels of Motivation
     Providing Our Children with the Motivation To Learn
     Creating an Environment Conducive to Learning
     Cultivating a Teachable Spirit in Our Children
     The ABCs of Motivation
     Making Motivation a Way of Life
     Supplemental Activities
Learning in the Context of Life and Truth (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Motivating a Nonmotivated Learner (Mar./Apr. 1995)

Home Organization in a Small Space (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Household Organization (July/Aug. 1999)
Emergency Preparedness (May/June 1999)
Spring Cleaning (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Emergency Preparedness (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Emergency Preparedness (Jan./Feb. 1999)
How To Get Everything Done (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Emergency Preparedness (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Organization (July/Aug. 1998)
     Be a Faithful Steward of Your Time
     Scheduling Tips
     In His Steps
     Get Set for Successful Home Schooling
     How Do You Get Everything Done?
     Schooling Tips
     Check List of School Records
     Paperwork Tips
     Budgeting Your Space
     Storage Tips
     Housekeeping Tips
     Organizing Meals
     School Supplies and Equipment
     Home Management Apprenticeship
     Training Tips
     Training Your Children To Do Housework
Organization (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Summer Course in Dejunking (July/Aug. 1997)
Remedial Instruction for the Organizationally Impaired (July/Aug. 1996)
Schedule (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Getting Organized: Home & School (July/Aug. 1995)
     Organize for Home Schooling
     Simplify To Reach Spiritual Goals
     Everything in Its Place
     Organizational Tips
Organizing a Portfolio of Your Child's Work (July/Aug. 1995)
Home School P.C.: Computer Room Organization (July/Aug. 1995)
Filing Tip (Jan./Feb. 1995)
Budgeting Your Time (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Control Paper by Filing (May/June 1994)

Mission to a Post-Christian Culture (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Life-Changing Learning (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Recommended Reading for Developing a Christian World View (Mar./Apr. 1995)

Reading & Literature
Reading Aloud (May/June 1999)
Reading & Literature (Sept./Oct. 1998)
     Preparing Little Ones To Read
     A Relaxed Approach to Reading
     Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children
     How To Teach Intensive Phonics
     Guidelines for Teaching Reading
     Early Reading Lessons
     Prereading Activities
     Letter Reversals
     Your Struggling Reader
     Reading Comprehension in School Subjects
     Organization of Teaching Literature
     A Biblical Standard for Selecting Reading Material
     Literature-Based Unit Studies
     Basics of Teaching Literature
     Reading and Literature Study Guides
Recommended Reading (May/June 1998)
Using Cliffs Notes for Literature (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Reading Chart (May/June 1997)
Reading Aloud Tips (May/June 1997)
Summer Reading (May/June 1996)
Reading Report File (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Phonics (Nov./Dec. 1995)
     Is There a Best Way To Teach Beginning Reading?
     Simple Guidelines for Early Reading Instruction
     How To Teach Intensive Phonics
     Leter and Word Reversals in Reading
     How To Teach Reading in Less Time
     Getting Over the Hump
Literature & Reading (Sept./Oct. 1995)
     Teaching Reading as a Life Skill
     Reading To Assess
     I Remember My Parents Reading to Me
     Benefits of Reading to Older Children
     Variety in Literature
     A Notebook Approach for Teaching Literature
     Reading Critically
     Using Classic Literature
     Are the Classics Worthwhile?
     Tips for Teaching and Using Literature
     Basics of Teaching Literature
     Character-Building Literature
     Guidelines for Literature
     Christian Standards for Literature
     1929 Secular Standards
Spiritual Discovery Through Literature (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Reading Aloud Together (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Recommended Reading for Developing a Christian World View (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Readers Theater (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Reading Aloud (May/June 1994)
Book Reporting Activities (Mar./Apr. 1994)

Teaching Science (May/June 1999)
     Elements of an Excellent Science Course
     Branches of Science
     The Importance of a Creationist Foundation
     The Scientific Method
     Nature Observation
     Science Projects
     Processes of Scientific Investigation
     Designing a Science Unit Study
     Ten Ways To Help Your Child Love Science
     Selecting a Telescope
     Study God's Creation Through Habitats
     Homemade Elementary Science Curriculum
     Selecting a Microscope
     Science Labs at Home
     Teaching Science Through Project Books
Science and Computers (May/June 1999)
Volcanoes/Mount St. Helens (Jan./Feb. 1999)
Preschool Science (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Studying God's Creation (July/Aug. 1997)
     Thinking Foundationally: Is Genesis Essential?
     Teaching Evolution To Substantiate Creation
     Should We Teach Our Children Evolution?
     Unit Studies for the Six Days of Creation
     Introducing the Branches of Science Through the Creation Week
     Studying God's Creation
     Learning About God and Ourselves Through General Revelation
     Understanding God Through His Creation
     Giving God the Glory as We Study His Creation
     Keeping a Nature Notebook
     A Yard Full of Nature
     Exploring Creation with Young Children
     Studying God's Creation Through Our Senses
     Studying Creation in Subjects Other Than Science
Selecting a Microscope (July/Aug. 1997)
Observing the Stars (July/Aug. 1997)
Nature/Wildflowers (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Bird Watching (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Animals Unit Study (July/Aug. 1996)
Nature Friend: Refreshing Dew (May/June 1996)
Developing a Naturalist (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Gardening Unit Study (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Vision Unit Study (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Experiment Log (July/Aug. 1995)
Nature Friend Nature Nook (July/Aug. 1995)
Nature Friend: Nature Nook (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Nature Friend: Nature Nook (Jan./Feb. 1995)
Nature Friend: Nature Nook (Sept./Oct. 1994)
Nature Scrapbook (July/Aug. 1994)
Nature Friend: Nature Nook (May/June 1994)
Teaching Science (Mar./Apr. 1994)
     Skills for Stewardship
     Christian Men of Science
     The Importance of a Creationist Foundation
     Teaching from a Biblical World View
     Branches of Science
     Training Our Future Scientists
     You Can Teach Science
     Mistakes of Science
     Enhancing Science with Wildlife Observation
     Science-Based Unit Studies
     Enjoying Science Projects
     National Science Contests
     Science Clubs Resources
Make Your Own Science Museum (Mar./Apr. 1994)
Science Tips (Mar./Apr. 1994)
Nature Friend: Nature Nook (Mar./Apr. 1994)

Hearts To Serve (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Volunteer Service (July/Aug. 1998)

Socialization Skills When the Classroom Is at Home (Jan./Feb. 1998)

Special Needs
Special Needs (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Individual Home Education for Life Preparation (July/Aug. 1996)
Book Review: Home Schooling Children with Special Needs (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Speech Therapy at Home (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Helping a Child that Stutters (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Strategies for Struggling Learners (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Learning Difficulties (July/Aug. 1994)
Teaching Children with Special Needs (July/Aug. 1994)
     Digging for Resources
     How Home Schooling Helps Your Special-Needs Child
     Special Needs Call for Special Attention
     Parent-Directed Therapy at Home
     Setting Goals and Reporting Progress
     IEPs, Evaluations, and the State
     When Is a Learning Problem and Learning Disability?
     Developing Language Skills
     When the Special Needs Are Mom's
     Additional Suggestions
     Demystifying Attention Deficit Disorders
     Tips for Teaching Your Special-Needs Child
     The Legalities of Home Schooling a Special-Needs Child

Spiritual Aspects of Home Schooling (Mar./Apr. 1995)
     A Wake-Up Call to Prayer
     How To Raise Faithful Children
     The Training Process
     Responsibilities of Christian Parents
     Implementing Your Spiritual Vision
     Teaching Children the Bible
     Using Scripture in Prayer
     Creation: Foundation of Faith
     Basics of Christian Home Education
     Customizing Materials & Methods
     Common Elements of Successful Home Education
Spiritual Discovery Through Literature (Mar./Apr. 1995)

Study Skills
Test Preparation and Study Skills on Computer (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Test-Taking Preparation and Skills (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Study Skills (Sept./Oct. 1996)
     Motivate Your Child
     How To Teach Study Skills
     Study Skills Are Life Skills
     Study Environment
     Study Skills Involve Character Qualities
     Specific Study Strategies
     Models for the “Rookie” Study Sleuth
     Memory Tricks
     Taking Notes
     Note Taking Alternatives
     Bible Study Skills
     How To Study a Book of the Bible
     Resource Tools

Summer Options (May/June 1999)
Summer Learning: Year-Round School (May/June 1998)
Summer Activities & Opportunities (May/June 1998)
Summer Unit Study (July/Aug. 1997)
Summer Course in Dejunking (July/Aug. 1997)
Summer Learning Opportunities (May/June 1997)
Planning During Vacation (July/Aug. 1996)
Summer Activities & Studies (May/June 1996)
     How To Fill Your Summer with Learning and Family Memories
     Plan Summer of Memories, Accomplishments, Simple Pleasures
     Setting Goals for Summer
     Design an “Academic Year” That Works for Your Family
     Summer Supervision
     Make Careful Choices
     Ten-Minute School
     Incorporate Learning into Summer Activities
     Bird Studies
     Literature & Reading
     Creative Subjects
     Work and Service
     Make the Most of Summer Trips
     Outdoor Activities
     Enrich Your Lives with Bible Studies
     Teacher Training
Follow Up a Summer Outing (May/June 1996)
Travel Tips (May/June 1996)
Ideas for Summer Activities (May/June 1995)
Summer Schedule (July/Aug. 1994)
Sidewalk Chalk (May/June 1994)
Year-Round School Options (May/June 1994)
Summer Fun (May/June 1994)

Support Groups
Communicate Biblically (Jan./Feb. 2001)
Help for New Home Schoolers (Summer 2000)
Let's Be Peacemakers (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Characteristics of a Healthy Christian Support Group (Nov./Dec. 1999)
Hearts To Serve (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Activities for Support Groups (July/Aug. 1999)
Supporting Home Schoolers in Other Countries (May/June 1999)
Helping Struggling Families (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Home-School Ambassadors (Nov./Dec. 1998)
Support Group Involvement: Making Wise Choices (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Support Options for Home-School Families (July/Aug. 1998)
Balancing Personal and Electronic Communication (May/June 1998)
How To Pray for Our Home-School Leaders (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Providing Sound Educational Opportunities (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Sharpening Your Conference Skills (Nov./Dec. 1997)
Mentoring (Sept./Oct. 1997)
Home-School Co-ops (July/Aug. 1997)
Building Better Relationships (May/June 1997)
How To Receive--and Give--Support (Mar./Apr. 1997)
Characteristics of a Good Leader (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Publishing an Effective Newsletter (Sept./Oct. 1996)
Effective Board Teamwork (May/June 1996)
Serving Your Members (Mar./Apr. 1996)
Lightening Your Load Through Delegation (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Planning a Home-School Event (Sept./Oct. 1995)
Support Group Chess Club (July/Aug. 1995)
How Support Groups Can Help New Home Educators Get Started (July/Aug. 1995)
10 Ways to Encourage Your Support Group Leader (Nov./Dec. 1994)
Cottage School Co-op (Mar./Apr. 1994)

Teaching Styles
What Is Immersion Teaching? (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Five Areas of Emphasis in Every Course (Jan./Feb. 1998)
The Principles of Classical Education (Sept./Oct. 1997)
     The Lost Tools of Learning: How To Think and Learn
     The Ancient Trivium
     An Introduction to the Trivium
     Parallels Between Hebrew, Greek, and Roman Education
     Classical Education in the Christian Home
     Why Study Logic?
     What Is Logic?
     A Biblical World View Approach to Classical Education
     The Resurgence of Classical Education
     Why Study a Language?
     Dare To Train a Daniel
     Beginning the Trivium with Your Youngest Students
     Semi-Classical Education
     Debate and the Skills of the Trivium
Multilevel Teaching (Mar./Apr. 1997)
     The Advantages of Reading Aloud to a Multilevel Group
     Preparing for Success
     Elements of Multilevel Home Teaching
     Tutoring Techniques
     Multilevel Lessons Work for Most Subjects
     Including Preschoolers in Your Multilevel Teaching
     Learning Together for Family Strength
     Multilevel Writing Assignments
     Recycling Curriculum
     Organizing Multilevel Resources
     Improving Your Administrative Skills
     Harmonizing Your Curriculum for Multilevels
     Teaching Tools for Independent Study
     Organizing for a Multilevel Home School
     Obedience Is Essential
     Multilevel Teaching Made Easier
Parents' Teacher Training & Continuing Education (Nov./Dec. 1996)
     Continuing Education for Home Educators
     Home Educating Yourself One Step Ahead
     On Becoming a Better Teacher
     Mentoring: The Other Side of Teacher Training
Home Schooling with a Newborn (Nov./Dec. 1995)
Teaching Subjects You Know Little About (Nov./Dec. 1994)

Thinking Skills
Thinking Skills (Sept./Oct. 1999)
     The Why and How of Thinking Skills
     Where Do Thinking Skills Fit into Our Curriculum?
     Factors That Increase Your Child's Mental Abilities
     Memory Work Notebooks
     Life Experiences Shape Brain Physiology
     Thinking Activities for Tots Through Teens
     Learning Through Narration
     Maximize Learning with Higher-Level Thinking Skills
     Creative Thinking Techniques
     What Are Thinking Skills?
     God's Word: Foundation for Thinking
     Practical Thinking Skills
     The Why and How of Logic
     Logic and Faith
Questions To Teach Thinking (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Computers and Thinking Skills (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Teaching Children To Think (Mar./Apr. 1998)
Thinking Skills (Jan./Feb. 1994)
     Thinking God's Way
     Logical Reasoning
     The Vocabulary of Thinking Skills
     Thinking Skills in School Subjects
     Problem Solving and Decision Making
     Practical Thinking Skills in Daily Life

TV & Video
Movie & Video Screening (July/Aug. 1999)
Alternatives to TV Viewing (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Using the Good in TV (Jan./Feb. 1998)
Using Videos to Enhance Teaching (Jan./Feb. 1995)
C-SPAN in the Classroom (Sept./Oct. 1994)

Unit Studies
Easter Activities & Unit Study (Jan./Feb. 2000)
Thanksgiving Unit Study (Sept./Oct. 1999)
Gardening Unit Study (Mar./Apr. 1999)
Thanksgiving Unit Studies (Sept./Oct. 1998)
Summer Unit Study (July/Aug. 1997)
Biblical Love: A Study for Valentine's Day (Jan./Feb. 1997)
Animals Unit Study (July/Aug. 1996)
Election Unit (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Gardening Unit Study (Jan./Feb. 1996)
Vision Unit Study (Nov./Dec. 1995)
November: A Month for Praise and Thanksgiving (Sept./Oct. 1995)
How To Conduct a Unit Study (Mar./Apr. 1995)
Ancient Arithmetic Unit Study (May/June 1994)

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